Moevania Teaser, Pixiv 189, and other Wiggly News

It was way to easy to use Nuclear from one of the MGSV Trailers and so I decided to do something else, and then I remembered Fallout and a lot of tropes with playing classic music amidst scenes of destruction…I think it harkens back to the time of the Red Scare and fears of Nuclear War in the 50’s and 60’s.

There’s actually more footage I produced of this allowing me to make another teaser, albeit I’ll keep that for Trollvids only since I cut out the ones with choice camera angles.

But yeah, I was influenced by classic black and white movies like Faust and Nosferatu even though they don’t clearly show.


188th and 189th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

Drum roll please, here is our two, two winning entries! Ah, ah, ah, aaaaaah!



Godslayer 5000

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I can’t thank everyone enough for their support! m( _ _ )m I am so grateful for letting me get up there whenever possible.

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“…I wish I had your talent…”

I don’t think I’m that of a genius, I mean if I was I would have had the ideas I wanted to pump out those videos already, including having found the solutions I wanted so much faster.

What I can say is that whenever I come across new material I try to see how it can be used for a project, which is why I don’t find it to be so genius-y because I mean I think every ero artist probably thinks of that:  “how can I make this sexy?”  you see a parade across the street and well… you can come up with a scene of a disgraced knight princess (a now recurring trope) from a defeated enemy kingdom, you see a house party and you imagine if the girls really took their tops off, assuming one else was being a dick or bitch about it…

If there’s one thing you have to be a pack rat about, it should be regarding ideas. Even small details can mean a lot, think of them as Checkhov’s guns. That singing shark? I mean come on, I’ve seen singing Bigmouth Billy Bass toys since I was a toddler, who knew the day would come I would be able to use it as a stage gag?

And you’d think I was cognizant of the concept of Stage Gags, but no, recognizing what they are or what they’re even called was fairly recent. Sure I’ve seen concerts where some kind of Hollywood or Theatrical stuff would happen but never thought it was a recurring trope until recently.

I’ve always been looking up various topics that may seem even a little related to what I do. That scene where Hinata punches a glass wall to reveal a larger stage behind it?

I was just watching a video about people who set up stages. Sure there are lots of times they talk about things that wouldn’t apply to me, after all, this is 3d graphics and not real 50-ton lights. But you see the technique of how they set it up and you realize that you’re coming closer to capturing the feel of what a real event is like, including stuff that even as member of the real audience wouldn’t know, like how they have catapult lifts that power those 30-foot leaping entrances some performers like to make.

But it’s not always about being bigger but also learning when to cut down as well. A few mentioned they’ve seen a few works already having some movements that are clearly repeating themselves. Should I remove them? I don’t think so, I think they’re becoming iconic as well as being clear at what they are all about.

In many classical theatrical pieces, throughout all cultures, through different time periods, exaggeration is part of theater. Kabuki’s grandious sweeping movements came from a time before Titantrons and now are seen in Sentai

Would you remove them? You’d lose the spirit of what made it memorable. Things are made of the good and the silly side of them. Improvement isn’t about removing the bad but making the good parts better and keeping their silly fire going.

So there you have it. I’m not some Patchouli Knowledge who has exclusive access to Voile, The Magic Library because we all do. It was all in youtube really, even for things I’ve seen and went to in person, it’s nothing that wasn’t in youtube already. Parties, concerts… not hard to look those up and trust me quite a lot of them capture the mood and feelings to be in them.

But maybe what makes it Me, is because I always stop myself an ask, “makes it that?”  What makes a lively concert a lively concert? What makes a scary video a scary video? What makes it funny? Try looking at it in Meta, and for me, a lot of footholds to answers start popping up.

At least for me that is.


And that’s it for today, I have to resume finishing the colored trailer then resume on the rest of my Projects.

Stay Wiggly, everyone! ~( ‘ w ‘ )~


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