Wiggly News: 185th Pixiv, Moevania, Pokemon in the lead

185th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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And here’s your winning entry!

altair sword


Elder Corvus


m( _ _ )m once again thank you for your kind support!


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What a Horrible Night to have an Idea



After a Tera Elin costume, it kinda reminded me of Kyo Kusanagi’s NESTS-era outfit and I decided to make a Loli Kyo out of it and then adding a few more stuff I was like… well hell, you can make a Castlevania run out of this. Or Assassin’s creed, if I can find a bale of hay.

But who am I kidding? Has anyone tried making Gatekeeper Alice whip somebody? It requires real mouse-fu to use.

But yeah, I’m leaning towards Castlevania on this one. I’ll put this in my list of stuff to do.


pokemans may arena leds

Pokemon is in the lead

Between Hinata, Rin, and Suwako, suddenly May is catching up. That world has big stadiums and is really easy… have her lose to someone with an Alakazam or other Psychic type…and hilarity ensues.

So I did some research and find that there’s apparently a well-known ESPer, Sabrina, which means she’s easily recognizable.

That or someone with a Koffing that gets everyone high.

Why not Pokemon? come on…


I have to thank our lovely creators of Simbrothel for giving me that idea. Now I think why not have a trainer who has both a Koffing and an Alakazam or whatever psychic type. Whatever, I’ll craft up a trainer in a bit, but I’ll try to stick as close to lore as possible, which means seeing if I can craft up a Team Rocket Sabrina, but that top is killing me though, I can’t find any.

At least not for the moment.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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One thought on “Wiggly News: 185th Pixiv, Moevania, Pokemon in the lead”

  1. Remember that episode where misty thinks her dopey Psyduck evolved into a competent Golduck but by the end it turns out to just be a wild pervert pokemon.


    You don’t need a trainer at all just a lusty pokemon in a dark secluded forest.

    Nice work on that stage finally a sea of glowsticks attached to people and not just magically floating there.

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