180th Pixiv, Kurosawa, and other wiggly news

178th, 179th, and 180th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

Starting the year right with two entries in January first followed by another entry for Today!

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nude to nude armor
nude armor change
nude armor butt jiggles

I pretty much tried to apply what I learned

Movement of groups, movement of nature, that much I tried to do with my Basara video to spice up the frame.

 It’s amazing how much depth the Z Cloud effect could put into the frame, whether it was a sandstorm in Airin and Alice’s showdown or atop a mountain in Akane and Heracles-chan’s battle, yeah I’m officially calling that Greek loli Heracles because of that lion/tiger pelt she wears on her head and her brute strength (I mean, she was supposed to be Ieyasu’s stand-in)
Raging fires, bullets, that stuff I tried to use to make the scenes more dynamic.
I won’t be making a nude version of this video since a.) many of the scenes with the good angles weren’t saved, I was a little too intoxicated that I just focused on putting down the footage as opposed to saving them.
However, that does mean that I can save those nude scenes and others for new material instead, I mean this video was meant for sfw consumption after all. I’ll let Trollvids have the longer more NSFW version when I get around to it.

That’ll be it for today, I’m currently back to doing MMD and that new PostMovie effect really put a lot of things into perspective so I’m really busy at the moment. However, feel free to message me anytime.

For now I’ll lay off the video reviews, probably limit them to once per week. There’s only so much I can say about them, I mean there are limitations to what you can do in MMD and some probably just don’t have access to nonlinear editing or be creative enough or have the time to so. In this frame of mind, apart from my once per week video reviews I will still be accepting requests to give my view on whoever’s work you want me to take a look at.

Okies gotta go, I’m currently in the middle of something…

Stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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One thought on “180th Pixiv, Kurosawa, and other wiggly news”

  1. That scene with the shiny black ocean is kind of weird normally all that light would make for a Blue Ocean but it does show your unique style.I like that you can make a very sexy video without anybody having to strip or mount a horse. (I really loved the scene with Karen in her micro-kini)

    As always Great Job!!
    and I hope this new year finds you well!!!

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