175th Pixiv, Olympic Time, SDM Elect Review

175th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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Settle down folks, here’s today’s winning entry!

costume to weapon


m( _ _ )m thank  you so much for your kind support and love!

I guess if this was a real game, this costume screams “Oh look! Someone’s power-levelling!” and there’s probably be tons of “lvl100 boss, Slave Panties only, No Damage, Speed Run” videos of it.

>> Click here for Today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!<<

And speaking of Pankrateon

so basically with family at my place and people doing a God of War Marathon and some Street Fighter III…with obligatory cursing at how hard it is to beat Thong Man Gill, this is probably the reason I’ve steered to this new direction.

“Hold on, you said you don’t have enough resources to make such an atmosphere” True, all I have are some ruins of sterotypical buildings, but after playing some God of War and Ryse: Son of Rome…especially the latter i decided that it can be done with some careful decorating. I do have quite a library of things that could be used and I do have the internet to give me all the resources to get things done. Also, careful decorating can smooth out the ugly straight lines you see.

Let’s look at my Holiday Special again, shall we?

All I did was put some bookshelves on the SDM. Here’s a comparison of the shelves with the decorations


and without the deco


see how ugly and squarish those shelves stick out? All I had to do was get a few book piles…and it removes the amateurish ugly shapes.

And for Hellenic/Roman designs, they’re all about straight angles and clean white marble and maybe a naked statue with a helmet (gotta keep your noggin protected after all) and you have instant authenticity.

Review of the SDM Elect

Since we mentioned the SDM I thought it would be great idea to follow up with a review featuring the Scarlet Sisters.

For this video, while there’s the obvious issue with the camera and stage not playing nice with each other, there’s also another side… a “dark side” of sorts in MMD that I always eschew… you’d think that me doing away with it would have ruined things but in reality, no one has called it out before.

Click here to find out what it is


And that’s it today, I really have to resume working.






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