New short video! and Review of Senbonzakura Haku

Short Holiday Skit: A Scarlet Holiday

Human movement is “noisy” it’s never constant, in fact the best way to convey a scene that is unsettling or funny is to make them rigid, fixed, and predictable. This is why old movies in black and white look funny because of how unnaturally fast the movement is, and why J-Horror at the turn of the millenium got away with minimal make up and simple sound effects by taking advantage of the one thing we took for granted: the very way we move.

Well not that this video got that done, though I suppose I could simply crank up the playing speed of a chase scene and add some vintage piano music and some sepia filters and there goes your ragtime show.

So this video as you can see pretty much is my take on certain motoring videos as well as Japanese variety television, there’s amusing on how they have to show the faces of their celebrities to give people the idea on how they should feel towards what they are seeing, something which I find very interesting for an actual cookie fun video.

I think I might actually implement that in the future


Review of Haku’s Senbonzakura

Given that Trollvids seems to be offline today…I suppose it being the holiday season means more people are home watching it and stuff or someone released something really hot and sexy. Maybe Ginvlp released a new motion or something.

So that means falling back to youtube. It didn’t take me long to find a sexy one and it really did the job. Which brings me back to the Viewer MMD Economy… these ecchi makers are busting their asses generating interest for the characters only for the hentai makers to totally rape it all with subpar works, which in turn…cause people to turn up their nose on the character totally ruining it for everbody…

Nah, that’s a silly idea. Don’t take it seriously. It’s a Joke.

A friend once posed the question to me: “what if you made a character and then saw her being used in some crappy hentai that you don’t even like the plot/theme/hotness doesn’t match” I said “pffft…I didn’t make it bad, so no problem”

I mean sure, it’s not like those that try to make hentai are trying to be famous, even in their own little niche…but it seems to me that if we “Adult Artists” want to consider our works “Adult” then it better not look like it was assembled by a fifth grader and instead look like it was assembled by an educated adult who has seen how the pros do it.  I mean, I’ve seen some hentai mangas drawn so badly it sounds more like “juvenile horny artist” as opposed to “adult artist” to me. Sure it’s fine to start out like that…but we got to give it a cut-off area… maybe about the fifth work it should start looking more polished?

Of course this is just my own musings and not to be taken as advice, but if you, dear reader think it should be taken as advice: then let me add a little more to it: learn to do your homework, see how others do it and build on what you think things should be done and as an improvment to what you’ve seen so far. If there’s anyone we should be outdoing, it’s ourselves.

But enough of my pseudo zen and onto the review


That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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