Wiggly News: On a Download Spree

Progress Report: Massive Download Spree

It happens suddenly, you’re surfing the net for an accessory/model/stage or two when suddenly you find yourself in bowlroll, downloading the thing you wanted. You take a peek at the user’s upload list and BAM! You’ve hit a goldmine there. With dint of application you figure out the password and you’re on your way, watching the list of stuff being downloaded ten at the time.

And then you look up at the clock and hours have passed. Did an X-files pilot episode UFO pass you by? Somehow the sun has taken a massive leap on the sky and the shadows have scuttled to the other end of your room, your bowl of noodles have sitting on the microwave, awaiting the tenth time to reheat it.

Or twelve, depending on how forgetful you were.

And that’s what happened to me today. I was trying to get enough accessory to assemble a character.

Quiet. I was trying to assemble Quiet. I actually considered Egashira-san for this since his leggings kinda reminded me of Quiet’s but the atmosphere now looked a little too inappropriate for comical stuff. Maybe for an alternate version next time…

Dammit video…do not tempt me! XD


Video Review: System777’s Hurly Burly

Here’s a classic, Hurly Burly with fully naked models in the CubP Dance Hall. This timeit comes with System777’s touch of bouncing mobs waving glowsticks.

While this isn’t exactly new, it was done well enough for me to ignore it’s cookie-cutter format since it had enough new material to separate it from the regular versions I always see. Were there other good versions of HB that I missed? Well it can’t be helped, it was kinda disillusioned with the lone naked alice is surreal land type of videos…and for half a decade straight no less. Anyway it was System777 so I was assured this would be a fresh new take on a dead and done for formula

and boy was I right, click here for the review and the link, you’ll love the video!


That’s it for now, I’m on a massive download spree and yes, I know I haven’t uploaded anything yet in Pixiv, but I’ll start extracting stuff tomorrow, so stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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