TerraGaia out now on Mega, Sweet Devil Review and More!

TerraGaia Chronicles, the Parody Video out now on Mega!

Download it here

Note: This version does not contain the commentary by Vortex00, let’s plays are supposed to be for streaming after all.

I really suppose that this is a one-off joke, that could never be repeated again. Unless of course I somehow happen to make something even more game-like. Maybe an SFW work with a youtube release? I mean after all since yt can’t accept the better parts of art it helps if it has even more odditites in it as opposed to a higher form like TV.

Ever since that Doom 4 or Yet-Another-Doom-Reboot came out I’ve been inspired. What was I thinking? Here I was thinking about what could make for a better scene when I have the freaking tools to show it!

So anyway for your reference here’s Doom, the reboot for 2016. And for those who know Doom, it’s basically Brutal Doom in 3D

Part of me makes me think it’s Master Chief using Doom Weapons in a Doom World.

Lately these 60’s-70’s era Cold War Nuclear Panic themes are sparking my creative juices lately.

I think they need a FNAF cover

It’s a me, Mario!GTA Parody, not an MMO

If it was an MMO you would be seeing name tags on top of the players and the town scene would have been littered with more than just silly looking characters but also a logjam of dancing naked girls and orgies all over the street blocking the path to Toro and Kuro.

And speaking of GTA…

Also, notice the kinds of things that net Airin points, indecent attire in public, brutally murdering people… these things add to her Heroism score… you know, things that would be associated with villainous behaviour. Heck, ever notice the thing that gives her the highest amount of points? Schadenfreude; which means “to derive amusement from another’s suffering”

Also notice when she uses a nonlethal takedown on Gilbe, she doesn’t get points at all, in fact it even costs her having to fulton him out.

But to be fair I know GTA isn’t all about being a dick to everyone. But it’s that dickery that makes for funny videos.

So yeah, it’s a parody more of GTA antics, I see tons and tons of stunts in the game of course I wasn’t able to really implement that much, since the battle scenes are more reminiscent of stealth games like AC and MGS and to a lesser extent, Manhunt

I really really wanted to do a Manhunt styled game. And when they do, in true Klassic Mortal Kombat spirit, they explode into three ribcages, two skulls, and 10 femurs. What? Never seen MK2 before?

Oh and four lungs.

I guess that explains why they sound like three different people, one for getting hit, the other for being launched, and the third for fatalities

“Erin, if you enjoy violence,  you probably roast kittens on your spare time”

Fact: Intelligent, Modern, Rational, Freethinking, Individuals don’t think so.

Ever been out of the house before? I do, everyday!

I buy from my butcher, he’s a great guy who always cracks jokes. I also see my barber every now and then, and he’s a pleasant guy too, not some sicko who likes slashing people with sharp objects, and he’s a war vet too… strange huh? I also go to my favorite barbecue joint and Mr.X sure ain’t no pyromaniac even though his job entails him to be facing a merrily burning grill….and let’s not get into ethnic or religious sterotypes here…

And you know what? An overwhelming lot of people also have the same experience as I do. They’re perfectly normal people even though their job entails cutting, burning, crushing, and basically destroying things.

Wow, it turns out that I’m right! Then again, me being correct has already been statistically proven…

And now that we got the discussion about metal retards out of the question…let’s go for a character perspective. Taking logic into hand here, you know the thing about Albinos? In the wild, Albinos are often observed to be far more aggressive than the rest of the species, for a simple reason: they’re a walking bullseye you could spot even if you’re blind. Now if Airin was walking around like that, it would make sense that brutality is her way of making sure everyone keeps their hands to themselves.

And besides, I’m sick of the “oh she can beat a hundred men…OFFSCREEN! har har har” trope. If I’m going to have to string up Airin and have a hundred guys line up behind her that better be because she’s not a super powered somehow-educated-in-the-ancient-arts kind of person.

And we can all relate to being super powered somehow-educated-in-the-ancient-arts kind of person. Right?

Didn’t think so!


Review of Sweet Devil Miku

Just reading that title sounds like “Summer Slasher X: Ressurection” yes, I mean it sounds like the most generic stereotyped video, in this case for HMMD you can ever think of.

But I’m not one to judge something by how original it is. After all, empirical knowledge, application, and statistics have determined that Delivery surpasses Originality in every aspect.

So click here for the review

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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5 thoughts on “TerraGaia out now on Mega, Sweet Devil Review and More!”

  1. I love game parodies. Have you ever thought about doing a Yandere sim parody? Seeing the look on her face as she decapitated those creatures reminded me of Yandere, she would probably rape the shit out of senpai.

  2. I clicked on that Rockafire – Explosion video clip.
    WTF???? Dude, that’s the most fucked up thing ever! It’s like Rock-a-Billie Bears on crack! Creepy, but hysterical; who thinks this shit up?
    I love your stuff doc, short, long, doesn’t matter. They’re all sexy as hell. I prefer the longer vids, ’cause it gives you time to develop a storyline. Live stage performances – getting molested in a limo – performing in sex clubs with multiple partners – forced beastiality – Pokemon sex, haha! But if you need a break and want to throw some short scenes together you still manage to create elaborate settings and fill them with Easter eggs, so I’m good with that. It’s your world, we just live in it.

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