Small Details left before Completetion of New Video +more news

99% done with my New Video!

Small details are important.

Let’s use the video game analogy…

you can’t just pick HUD elements out of your butt, there has to be a sense of consistency, it has to look natural with the graphics of the game.

Let’s say I was looking for nice sprite rips to use, that doesn’t mean I should look for the brightest shiniest HUD out there.

Look back on MGSV, it was very simplistic, which matches the Spartan nature of the Diamond Dogs and Venom Snake. Kingdom Hearts has a very cartoony look to match it’s cartoony polygons, Diablo has this dark and grungy gothic look to it to match it’s dark desolate demon-infested world.

You know this hate for comic sans font? Something about it used for silly children’s comic books and therefore it can’t be taken seriously? You know there’s a kernel of truth to that  one. Consider using a very angular and formal font and it can really set the tone for it.

Unfortunately WordPress here doesn’t give me the opportunity to change the font so I really can’t demonstrate but try this on your word processor and see what happens.

“A long time ago, in a world far away”

Which font gives the idea it’s a children’s storybook story and which one is a Final Fantasy setting, and which one is a Ralph Bakshi Lord of The Rings opening screen?

Right now I’m considering a special ticket for someone, it’s a minor role to say at least but then again it could be considered a really big one.

My deadline however is for December 10 5pm Tokyo Time. By that time I would have made a decision and then it’s processing into a video followed by shrinking it.  I will use this time then to nitpick any flaws and fix them on the spot.

Mari-chan’s Softball

Guessing from how silly Mizumari was, I was really expecting a Koshien parody or something. Then again it wouldn’t look as sexy as doing vanilla baseball so I guess it was a wise decision.

Well then, it’s up for the silly people like Ikamusumefun, System777 or yours truly to pick up the tab XD

“But Eringe! You should have kept your mouth shut and just make the video” Well it doesn’t work that way.

The Koshien video is funny because it relies on the fact that it’s not Mikumikudance. The humor is that people are having fun with the “customizable batting motion” in a proper baseball game and therefore the silly motions are funny. Now compare this to a blank slate like Mikumikudance and it’s just not silly enough.

It’s for the exact same reason that MMD hentai is such a big thing, because nobody thought it can be used in that way. It was originally just for soulless plain boring unimaginative fan crap before it’s potential for Art came to light.

This brings up once more the charm of the Shock Value. It’s funny in a video game like Koshien because who’d think to make silly spazzing? But in Mikumikudance where you can have Miku literally juggle three stages and a chainsaw its just another silly video.

But yes of course it is still debatable. A lot of MMD videos follow the “rules” of reality so unexpected things are still fresh. But let’s take that perspective then, what was the point of the silly spazzing?

In Koshien the point of the custom batting motion is so you can make your character look cooler when he throws the ball, and the whole point of the program, is that is its a game about baseball, not dancing, not spazzing, not spinning and most of all NOT a program where you can freely design choreography.

It’s like when I made a Gummi Ship in Kingdom Hearts 2 in the shape of a man with a dick cannon. That just wouldn’t be funny if I did that in MMD with a flying Sin Sack shooting lasers from his dick.

Even without knowing Koshien, a first time would immediately get the idea “it’s a game with a custom motion maker” while someone doing the same thing on MMD would go “wtf is this guy doing?”

Also, it’s questionable if anyone even knows Koshien in the first place.

So that’s my analysis on why it couldn’t be a parody. Onto the rest of the review.

Click here for the review


Nope, still no Pixiv entries here. I’m close to finishing the project so I want to focus on this one. I might do some Pixiv management afterwards but I’ll keep it brief and jump to the next work ASAP.

So stay wiggly everyone! We’re almost there!

I also want to add that I would also like to do some smaller simpler videos afterwards (The trailers kinda count in a way) , I want to get some ideas off of my head. Besides, I thought my fans would appreciate a little more volume.





That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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One thought on “Small Details left before Completetion of New Video +more news”

  1. Wow! 99% done – that’s BIG NEWS! That also means the HOT Hinata kiss is coming It’s going to be a happy/sad moment, because while I can’t wait to see this vid, the journey has been just as exciting because you’ve taken the time to share the creative process with us every step of the way while managing not to reveal too much. So 39 for that 😊
    I never saw your Gummi ship, but I laughed out loud when I read “dick cannon” hahaha. I think every guy fancies he has a dick cannon 😆 And in the right setting I think laser beams shooting out of my cock sounds like a great idea! Austin Powers could have used one when he faced the Fembots with machine gun tits!
    Sorry about confusing Charlie and Karen; I love both characters and Karen’s learned to give such great blowjobs (and swallow). Maybe someday I’ll see your little cowgirl Charle coming to Karen’s rescue riding bareback on the singing shark. She’s got her own pistols so no machine gun tits necessary, lol. Could set up a delicious kiss between the two (wink, wink, nod , nod)

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