Progress Report, DiD Gumi Review, The Room Tearing Me Apart Lisa! XD

Progress Report: We’re getting closer to releasing a video

There is just a lot of elements that are a little tedious since a.) I’m just beginning to notice them and b.) I’m simulatenously trying to craft them myself as well as find something good to copy from.

Let’s recap on the DDR overlay in Airin vs. Alice.  For the longest time I have been trying to find a DDR gif of the screen but in the end decided to just craft them.

There really is a lot of things in this world we take for granted. So without spoiling anything let me give a couple of examples so you can get the idea: assume this is for Extreme Dance Showdown 2

  1. Who would be a good cameo to pop up in the Friends Notifications?
  2. Where can you find a good simulator of the “number crunch” animation; you know, the point in video games where it gives out a value and you see the numbers scrolling or counting down really fast?
  3. Where can I find a good sprite sheet that gives out the “wow!” “Great!” “perfect!” the text you see in games when you do a high-level combo?

My current project does have something in that same vein, things you think you can easily look up but when you do, find disappointingly few good ones and even few usables ones.  Heck remember when I said I would welcome anyone who had a lot of episodes of Naruto with Hinata on it so I could use actual voice clips of her? I haven’t gotten any responses on that one yet, so I have to do everything myself and yes it does take a while.

But I will try to do it right.

Review of Rescue Gumi

Ah the good old Damsel in Distress trope, sans the chains but hey, mind control!

DiD, and the original versions which are sexy because the girl is usually wearing extremely little to none at all while being bound in some compromising positions are very rare nowadays but hey what do you expect? The proliferation of media is because it’s being presented to a wider audience which means a lowering of standards, so of course you won’t be able to see Andromeda-class DiD scenes in mainstream crap.

So while this video might be lacking in a few things, hey, at the very least we can all be inspired and learn from this video. Sure I had one with a pre-mortem Yuyuko /not-Mystia but this one had a more cult-ish feel to it.

Click here for more ranting about DiD and the Video


Pixiv Withdrawal Syndrome


Oh god is she adorable as hell. I really, really have to do another Airin video after this current one.



And that’s it for today. Now remember, what I said about writing dialogue? I am going to give it a shot. I may sound cheesy, it might even be The Room type of bad.

v(x A x )v you’re tearing me apart, Hinata!

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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2 thoughts on “Progress Report, DiD Gumi Review, The Room Tearing Me Apart Lisa! XD”

  1. If you want the screen effects, try looking for source codes from the various fan games. DDR and Beatmania have /tons/ of fan projects, and most offer up their source codes for modding and further development. Granted, they all have their own disclaimers so you might want to tread carefully.
    From experience breaking/fixing/changing things I remember stepmania(DDR) and lunatic rave(Beatmania) having most things as images within their source folders. Arrows, keys, select cursors, words. I know more than a few seemed to be missing the rating word effects like “Good!” “Perfect!”, so I just assumed they used actual text with a font or it was archived in another file I overlooked.

    Alternatively, google image searching “dance dance revolution font”(or your game/flavor of choice) will generally get you screenshots – a lot of fan games just rip the effects from screenshots, throw a little transparency on in photoshop, and use that. You’ll find a few ready made sprite sheets that way.

  2. Keep the good work ( ‘ w ‘ )/O
    And if you want the numbers and other thing from dance dance revolution there is an easy way install “stepmania” you will see almost everything that you are looking for and if you want the DDR one just download the DDR stepmania theme and ready

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