Splatoon effect? Twin Ioris, and other wiggly news.

Love the Splatoon Effect

So if you haven’t heard of the Splatoon effect from Beam Man you should. But yeah, the blood effect (which is the same thing except red) sure made me think of Mortal Kombat with it.


so you know what to do with that effect when you color it with a certain hue?

Okay, I meant white. What do you think when it’s colored white?

And so I found a good compromise for using the OP parenting bone for 9.26: try to do away with some effects.

I’m getting real close to a release date, is all i can say there is just a lot of things i want to get right because TRUST me. When it doesn’t look right it just absolutely loses charm and looks amateurish. Well techincally I heard amateur means “for the love of one’s work” so in a way that’s not so bad.

Practically everyday I’m producing raw footage to piece together in vegas.

Today I’m working on the last piece of the main footage for this one but it’s also going to be the messiest one to handle in vegas, needing many layers on it to look right.

I really, really wanted to ask people for input on some things. It’s really hard to keep my mouth shut and not give spoilers. I’ve skirted around this so many times but what the heck…

Just name me two people or characters that if they would cameo would be very funny. For example, Doge



Twin Iori Killer Lady Review

Please for the love of god follow the rules of cinematography. I just cringed at seeing the first two seconds before returning to my regularly scheduled viewing of Happy Tree Friends. Yes, I marathon it while working.

Yes it sounds so overbearing with the “omg erin how can you judge when you didn’t see the whole thing?” please feel free then to tell me how that was done any differently from other other dance in a box videos.

You see the thing with dance in a box videos, is that it really needs good camera work because you have even less things to work with; the performer and little else.  Are you sure you’re taking a good shot now? It’s never the same you know, some have really great nubile breasts while others have some really shapely butts. Some just look so cute and therefore should have minimal close ups while others are so generic it helps to hide their face and just close up on their tits.

and the rant continues on here


On a rest from Pixiv

It’s rather intensive for my current program to rip out gifs from a video and lately I just won’t listen to any suggestions at all on how to rip gifs especially if it takes more than two steps to do. The net is full of two kinds of trash: watermark crap and uber complicated shit that I won’t do because I know for a fact that it doesn’t work.

Since ripping out gifs will be holding up the line, I’ll only do that after I complete the video.

I’m really busy now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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3 thoughts on “Splatoon effect? Twin Ioris, and other wiggly news.”

  1. Stay on task Doc; it’s like the perfect orgasm – don’t rush it, when it cums it cums. No real need for further previews now, or anything else that may distract you. Funny how you hinted that you’re working with “white stuff” and you’re also working on the messiest part of the whole production, LOL. Freudian? Don’t know, but it’s a good indication you’re getting close to done. Cameos? Hmmm, how about Colnel Sanders, the KFC equivalent of Ronald McDonald? His famous advertising slogan would be a perfect fit – “it’s finger lickin’ good!” Or maybe the silent, non-speaking Burger King handing out giant radishes to random young ladies in the audience, or tossing them into the crowd from the edge of the stage? Maybe a giant animated jiggly bottle of Vaseline Intensive Care lotion splurting “white stuff” out of the nozzle on top of his head! Just jump starting your creative genius. Looking forward to becoming EXTRA WIGGLY! 😆

  2. I could say Scrooge McDuck or Ronald McDonald might be funny, but I could easily be wrong. At this point I trust you as the director to have a feeling for your own composition and available models.
    From Dank Vader, to the succubi of the yuri garden, to the ever-hilarious Cloud in a dress, you throw in a lot of entertaining extras.
    And your developing sense of narrative and cinematography has lent what would otherwise be a very shoddy, dull media a unique flair. Sure, you took common models and publicly available animations and looped them for a bit too long in most of your older videos, but you also tied them with them strong sense of continuity and self-awareness. You’re selling the /concept/ behind each video.
    Through cut-ins on Sanaefroggy’s clips, tickers, watermarks, and introductions you created the brand of the Cookie Fun Channel; an exciting underground broadcast sending us a corrupted loli world tour, depraved samba parades, and insights into a decadent world of specially trained dancers.
    It’s extralegal, unstoppable, and wild. It feels like something you get spirited away to if you find yourself in just the wrong – or right – place at the right time. An organization that can be maybe reached with the proper channels and intent to provide their special touch.
    The presence of characters such as GUMI and Yuuka as background support or handlers, and the occasional distress the girls express when faced with burly men, horsecock, and bondage gear provides a less-than-voluntary tone which lends the whole work a deliciously sinister atmosphere.
    Your recent Rin work provides exposition on the chain started with your Medley and EZ Dance, showing not only how one might get on the dance circuit, but providing a delightful young villainess to kick her down that path. What is implied in the dance video is spelled out in full glory in your trailers.
    Which brings us to current. Your 5.2 trailer excites me because it shows the CFC not just as an extralegal entity but a paranormal one. With reddened dusk, Biollante silhouettes, and inexplicable balloons floating through unknown carnival ruins (after a symbolic walk down a road of torii and away from reality), we’ve entered a realm Pennywise might call home. This is scary, this is beyond anyone’s control, this is a place that could be a legitimate threat even to a wizard-ninja. And it’s lovely.
    The last time you created an atmosphere like this was with your Ancient Energy video, which I also greatly enjoyed the premise of.
    Of course, even within the video it’s taken to be staged that she’s in a tomb, as the watermarks and background music are already playing, but the segue from glowing mask eyes to stage lights was well crafted and imparts a feeling of “What…was I doing? Oh right, dancing.”
    Loved the choice of Ancient Temple remix for that one, as well. Made me look up the album.
    BTW, my favorite of your videos for overall flavor and composition was actually the Marisa the Pimp one. You managed to capture her aggressive flamboyance perfectly with the eye-blinding stage and converted Venus swimsuit harem.

    1. Thank you very much!
      Well I did want to add more of a paranormal take (thought what constitutes paranormal to a wizard ninja is really questionable) but yeah you get the idea, is Hinata walking into a dream or a nightmare? Sure it’s a dilapidated carnival straight out of a nightmare, with the monsters writhing in the background but then again, that never stopped her crush on Naruto, who happens to carry inside him a big scary monster. Maybe she sees more in the carnival, a place where anything she wants can happen
      I remember this scene in Inception where inside this large basement are several people who are continuously in a state of lucid dreaming, people who never want to wake up anymore. It can also be taken to something a little more symbolic.

      Maybe the events of the Iron Loli 2 are real, and the carnival scene is essentially just a representation of what it looks like to her, it’s a happy scene to everyone but her who must endure brutal sex with monsters and mobs of men, it’s shameful and degrading especially for a meek girl like herself…maybe she’s used to being disgraced since she lost her position in the family canonically, maybe it wasn’t Naruto who sold her out but her family.

      You know this scene of Angela in Silent Hill 2 where James remarks how the house is hot as hell because it’s burning?
      Then Angela says “you see it too? For me it’s always like this”

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