Pixiv Entry no.9, Reimu’s Garden, Project Hinata and Theories

And here’s the Ninth Pixiv Daily Treat!


I couldn’t help it, Obligatory Cirno reference is Obligatory

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Well now not to keep everyone waiting here’s the next pair of Kokonoe Rin pictures!

gravure rin8a gravure rin8

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Review of Reimu’s Garden Dance

Which video to pick? Well it obviously shows I’m a sucker for Reimu. She’s my favorite Touhou, yes it’s not Eirin even though that’s what my online persona seems to suggest. It’s a long story.

In reality, I tend to really skip the Touhou Old Hags; Kanako, Eirin, Yukari, Yuka, Yuyuko, Yuugi, Byakuren, Ran. Or the Brat Team / Team 9; Cirno, Daiyosei, Rumia, Mystia.  Not that I got anything against them but if I have to choose between them and Reimu… I’m definitely helping myself to some of Reimu’s blessings.

Click here to see some bushes in Reimu’s Garden

Project Hinata: Continuity Errors?

And so for those who were paying attention, I did say the stage wouldn’t require any further changing, at least for major changes. And if you remember it looked like the dance venue took place in a bright venue in a bustling city.

Then in the trailers there all this Silent Hill dilapidated buildings and all that. What’s going on?

Well, the trailers to me are a sort of narrative, a way for me to express a few things that may not need to be repeated into the final video unless it bears showing that point from a different view.

Also the different settings allow me to omit things that might be a spoiler. Consider the teaser for Modern Warfare 2 which had used placeholder models to avoid spoiling things thought I’m not sure if that was necessary for Soap’s scenes since we’ve never seen Soap until you actually played the game. I remember taking nearly a minute to remember his surname and make the connection.

So simply expect all trailers to be subject to changes from the final product, but that’s to be expected with just about anything. Not just me.

Anyway onto the updates. Add Ino and Tenten too? I mean, there are three Hinatas, or maybe just add Ino to carry around extra radishes? Is this necessary?

Well if I were to step into Hinata’s shoes, Sakura would be somewhat known considering she hangs around her crush and is a little more forward and open.

Speaking of open, remember the chuunin exam where she blatantly offers her answers to Naruto? You know if someone said I copy their answers my first reaction was not to accept it or not, because I would, but worry about how to copy it while not getting caught. Seriously? There are several eyes watching him and he’s not worried about it? I really think Hinata can alter the past or something, it must have something to do with her confounded ability to appear in any flashback she clearly was not in.

Who was watching you while you were training? Hinata. Who was following you home? Hinata. What was that monster under your bed? Hinata. Who killed your parents that fateful night your life changed, leading you to become a caped crusader? Hinata. Who destroyed your planet while you were an infant, forcing your parents to jettison you to space to land on Earth for you to grow to love and defend to your last breath? Hinata.

Now the horror part I definitely can say is probably not going to be in the final product, think of it as just an Extra. Maybe a slightly dark bit or two here and there but it’s more of a psychological thing (I hope it’ll turn out that way). Don’t worry, I’m not a seasoned enough artist to induce levels of emotion deeper than the need to choke your chicken.

Project Rin’s ending was only seen as “sad” by a few really insightful ones. Not that it’s a case of “shallow people don’t get it” but that the point of a presentation is that they should get it unless it’s supposed to be an in-joke. An example of an in-joke are the weed jokes and pot-smoking octopus gags I use. That isn’t meant for people to find funny, maybe slightly bizaare yes.

On the other hand, singing sharks are meant to be funny.


And now I’m going back to work. Stay wiggly everyone!


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4 thoughts on “Pixiv Entry no.9, Reimu’s Garden, Project Hinata and Theories”

  1. Thank you for the uncensored trollvids version of your trailer. Playmate X is a total hottie and her strut is hypnotizing. I noted you alternatively referenced your project the Carnaval of Monsters yesterday and aside from the obvious, on closer inspection I spied the Godzilla and Hydra- like silhouettes battling above the stadium wall. Interesting. And clever – it cant be easy to make a subtle reference to something that gigantic in a video, yet there he was.
    You put so much effort into your works, real story telling not simply “hey, I found this naked model and I can make her dance!” Their stuff is bullshit in comparison , wasted bandwidth. you incorporate so many characters and subplots, subvert reality and challenge perceptions of right and wrong, good and bad. You create art. You should IMO be working for a major video production company where your imagination would not be constrained by the tools you have at your disposal. But until then, I’m glad you’re here 😊 One last thing, should Ino appear in your video, what if she were sporting a rather large strap on rather than toting around additional radishes? That would be a twist – a dominant sex slave, LOL. Just a thought; I’m sure if she had one she would find a way to put it to good use.

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