Feels like I’m 17 again, Pixiv Daily Treat, and other wiggly news

Pixiv Daily Treat!

Well… since I already gave out what yesterday’s Daily Treat looked like… ah what the hell, let’s show it one more time


and here’s today’s treat, back to your regularly scheduled programming of Project Rin Extras

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Animators, understand this

Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Jackie Chan…and even in one previous article, Beyonce.  These scenes are priceless because they’re done by real people.

Those doing animation; understand we do not have this charm. Airin could punch Godzilla in the balls, jump over the tallest towers in a single bound and run over the ocean. They’re characters created from 3d polygons. They can do anything.

So we don’t have this advantage. There’d be no thrill in a 3d model doing the same gags as before.

No charm in it at all.

At least not in the traditional way.

You see the thing about MMD is that the only limitations are the things we are willing to do. Our characters can do anything, but it’s up to us to come up with what will they do. It’s the same reason why Airin vs. Alice was so loved. It’s not that they were stripping but that it was made possible. Who’d have the patience do rig something like that?

Sure, not every video needs to have a gag. But have you watched any music videos lately? I did stop watching TV since I got internet but I remember what the music videos were like back then. It had a lot going on, and it’s something that’s stood to this day. It usually would be cut into two things. The performers performing and some drama going on that may have something to do with the message of the song.

Yes it’s ecchi work, it’s hentai. But there’s a lot that could be done. A friend, not someone familiar with what I did, once told me “What’s that’s all they do? No sex?”

I mean sure there are real nude-dance-only videos out there. But that involves real girls who probably aren’t willing for that extra mile or weren’t paid enough for the old in out. But our characters? I’m afraid they really don’t have that much of any excuse, at least unless you’re trying for an artsy kind of piece.

See the thing about a dance in a box video is that while many of scenes are in just about every other music video, it’s just one out of the many scenes there.

There are so many short scenes you can put together, especially for the drier, slower parts of the choreography.

And yes, I write these rants because there’s part of me that wishes I could see more done by others because hey, I’m a viewer too. Sure I like to “make” things but if anything, it’s more of me justing wanting to see those scenes. Or things that I believe should be there.

I have a bone to pick with the intro

Kuro Sleps Rins Butt

The nice thing that Project Rin had was the intro where Kuro feels up Rin in front of everyone before telling her to start with the show. Looking back I realized most of my stuff were jumpstarts…the show just begins.

The Latino collaboration had the two guys go around and solicit girls for their video and the Happy School had them being accosted by some bikers.

Intros for me feel like a big thing. Because it helps establish that they’re not the type of girls who do this kind of thing, that they’re normal people you can relate to and stuff, maybe remind you of the normal folks you encounter everyday. The intro, no matter how short basically is a way of transitioning them to the madness that follows.

A Cold Open for me (where the action just starts right away) seems to be something that you’d see in a sitcom, and the whole idea is to draw you in as you try to find out what is going on.

I’ve decided to do things like in the previous project and have the trailers and stuff stand alone for themselves. After watching the same intro material in the Latino collab play out without any variation kinda made the intro feel tiring to watch. I mean sure, there’s many, many people who haven’t seen them yet, but what about those who do? Those who’s expectations are already running high? That’s why Project Rin didn’t have the taser scene in the actual movie itself. Because if you’ve seen the trailer already, there’s no need to see it again, and for those who haven’t, seeing it now gives you a feeling of discovery.

And that’s basically what I’m working on today, except that… Hinata changes costume when she punches the screen thingy, right? What dressing room?

Oh and that thing. I don’t think I should have ever showed it. It would have been priceless to have first seen me using a normal stage like everyone else only for Hinata to literally shatter your expectations by revealing a second, much larger stage than before.

Well, all in the spirit of letting everyone know I’m working on it, right? The magic is being sucked out the more I talk about it. I didn’t say anything about Rin stripping, poledancing, and fingering herself, or Airin’s handstand sillyness…or think of everything else you’ve liked… did I talk about those?

Well… this is just a heads up. I’m going to exercise more judgement now in hiding things that should remain hidden. But I just wanted to make a point that there are just some things you have to trust me in.

I can’t guarantee there’s going to be anymore gags apart from the ones you’re expecting at least not for this show. Gags are after all, just a condiment. In the next projects. I will refrain from ever speaking of anything I deem would be better off as a surprise.

So please, trust me on this.

But of course yes I do agree there are some things that can be shown that wouldn’t be a spoiler. That Silent Hill intro, or Hinata’s costume those are okay. But that screen punch… darn… it would have been a good suprise.

Well, time will tell if it ruined the surprise or not.


Review of J&J Candy

You know to be honest, I never a fan of the waist wrap pareo thing, or sarong as some may call it. Seeing a girl wrap that around their waist ages them by 70 years and creates flabby skin, sagging breasts, and wrinkly faces. Yuuck.

I always thought about what’s the point of it all. Look, if she’s too shy to wear a bikini wear an ugly duck suit then and a life preserver, if not, then show it off and enjoy being stared at.

It just annoys the hell out of me. How some people wear things that attract attention and then get all huffy when it they get it

“HOW DARE YOU LOOK INTO MY CLEAVAGE, Just because I wear a low shirt, doesn’t mean you can look!”

You know I walk around in public with an “I’m an Asshole” Shirt and I enjoy people giving me wide berth, expecting me to be obnoxious. That’s how you get personal space. Want to avoid being near obnoxious little farts? I wear a “I will sell your kids” shirt and I get some peace and quiet in the park.

That’s how you wear clothes.

Anyway back on topic. If you ever think the girl you’ll use for the video is a young pretty girl, do not ever put her hair on a bun, or ever make her wear old women’s clothing like a sarong. Seriously, this one makes the Touhou Old Hags look like young hip women.



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And I know I feel like 17 again, because I always keep it wiggly!

~( ‘ w ‘ )~


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2 thoughts on “Feels like I’m 17 again, Pixiv Daily Treat, and other wiggly news”

  1. I had never heard of Buster Keaton before but his stuff is great with no weird camera tricks he manages to make some funny stuff.

    Airin doing a Sailor Moon type transformation and then kicking Godzilla in the rocks would make for a great Intro just look at what mizumari0718 is doing with Ultra-Mari.

  2. I was just on a nostalgia YouTube music video kick watching the stuff I liked from back when, so seeing Pretty Fly when I opened this site blew my mind.
    There’s not a whole lot of “mainstream” music I like so I generally don’t look for music videos these days. Is the creativity still around? Got any other favorites?
    Watching Reel Big Fish’s video for Sell Out and Offspring’s The Kids Aren’t Alright or even Project Pitchfork’s Mindkiller or literally any Lordi video after all these years was something. They could be really fun or just evocative.

    Either way, that was a great thing to bring up. Your intros almost always reminded me of the old punk and ska videos; setting the stage for the approaching laughs and faps. Makes sense you’d avoid cold opens.
    I get why a lot of others don’t try to make intros, but I think even a small attempt at it could only make any video better.

    Oh, I know you tend to review ecchi and hentai mmds but.. any throw-away thoughts on http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm21606743 ?
    I literally only now just found this(slowpoke.jpg) and I don’t think I can ever look at MMD the same way again.

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