Project Rin Extras, Panzer Und Review, Hinata’s new model migration

Project Rin Extra: Part 4

But first, here’s yesterday’s treat

gravure rin2

gravure rin2a

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Ah, don’t worry about the lack of Pixiv entries… I’ve had 169 already so… emoji08_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9kx  besides these are still pics anyway.

Click here for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!


Panzer Und Review

Girls Und Panzer models always struck me as cute, and I’ve been planning such an appropriate (sort of) project for them but for now I have Hinata and Rin to think about so that little gag will have to wait for later.

But first, onto the review! I should really keep everything I want to say about the review inside the page itself and not here XD

So click here for the review and all it’s rants and musings


Hinata’s Takeover of…Hinata

So I replaced the models now, barring a few crashes here and then… Takuya did a really good job since she’s nearly indistinguishable from her former counterparts. So now I can completely focus on the choreography and acts in the video without having to worry about crashes and stuff.

This is the part of the Project development that I think I shouldn’t say what motions will be used, considering that A.) you’ve probably seen them before and B.) too much spoilers and C.) some people have preconceptions that certain motions mean everything disregarding how it will be delivered

So while working I found a great track to use, it’ll mesh well with the the bright epileptic flashing lights

However the second half of the song does kinda slow down too much for my tastes so I’m planning to phase that part in with the faster refrain section of it’s original mix

Now I really have to get Dank Vader up on stage when this song plays, and maybe sing the Brostep song again while Hinata does her own rendition of the handstand antics… is this going to be my trademark? XD handstanding splits girls while a cyber rasta man belts out lyrics?

as always, my ears are open to suggestion, but they better be intense.  It’s a Cookiefun Tradition to always use music more intense than the others.

Now that just sounded eerily familiar.


And that’s it for today, message me anytime while I’m working on Kaizo MMD,  stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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One thought on “Project Rin Extras, Panzer Und Review, Hinata’s new model migration”

  1. I think Dank Vader and his dreds need to get on stage, but I’m not a big fan of the handstand splits. Your shit’s so good I feel shallow for saying that, but remember Airin versus Alice when Alice lost and had to take that massive dildo in the ass? I’d rather see a Hinata twerking contest with the loser going face down, ass up. Then Vader rams in the dildo while the Ragga Twins holla’ “fuck her”. Just think about it. Great trac btw.

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