Pixiv Daily Treat, Hinata’s updated Model, Mizumari comes to Trollvids and more news!

New Pixiv Daily Treat!

Sorry, you no win this time, try again! It happens

gravure rin2 gravure rin2a



>>but still, here’s today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!<<

Hinata’s 120% Model

Takuya’s come through and completed the advanced version of Hinata, now with fully functioning private parts…


Adjustable boobs, a fixed torso and even a freaking slider that LETS HER CLOAK LIKE A REAL NINJA.

Now with the integration of her breasts to the rest of her torso she now can be shadered with impunity, shown in order

hinatanewshader1custom adultshader 1

hinatanewshader2custom adultshader 2 this is the one I use on Airin and friends a lot


hinatanewshader4pmotskin variation

As I said I did foresee having to backtrack and reinsert this Hinata but that won’t be a problem, her size is way more compact which means she’ll shrink those work files even smaller. Of course there is a the danger of having the files crash for some reason but don’t worry, I save a lot. I mean a whole lot.

Someone once said I should live stream how I do MMD, well sure…if you’re comfortable with having to wait 15 minutes often.

and you thought Simon’s quest was bad.

Review of Mizumari’s Fanclub Video

You know that guy who makes those ecchi MMD videos that have a retro anime styled design to it? The one where near-naked girls dance around while some perverts watch them? He’s in trollvids now, going by the username Mizumari0718 it feels like the circle is slowly becoming more and more complete every day.

( ‘ w ‘ )7 glad to have you on TV

Click here for the review

And now back to work, need to retrofit the new hinata to my work files.

That’s it for now and as always…

(o A o)    I’m Batmaaaaaaaan
_/        \_


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One thought on “Pixiv Daily Treat, Hinata’s updated Model, Mizumari comes to Trollvids and more news!”

  1. Glad you got your shading issues resolved. Now on to the fun stuff of making them do dirty things! And you can make them do any damn thing you want, because YOU are Batmaaannnn!

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