164th Pixiv, Miku’s Glazed Donut and other Squeaky News

164th Time in the Pixiv Rankings

And here’s your winning entry!


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Review of Miku’s Donut Hole

Who wouldn’t want some of Miku’s glazed donut hole?

Thank you, thank you! I’ll be here all week.

…getting back on track here. Here’s a review of a video that I find kind of inspiring. Sure you may have seen hundreds of these kinds before, but this one had a few more things I didn’t expect and one that really got me thinking.

Click here for more of the Review


Iron Loli 2 Updates and 7zip

So Takuya’s working with me to update the Hinata models, after all since I’ll be doing Yasai Pantsu class anal jamming it seemed to make sense that he’d actually do something to give them the real thing. So having to backtrack and catch up… I’ve decided to continue with production regardless since hey, I edit videos non-linearly, so it shouldn’t hold up the line. I’m hoping the results are good enough but I am suspecting some changes to the mesh and stuff will be inevitable, hopefully nothing too drastic.

Which turns out, Hinata’s folder had ballooned (nice pun) to over a gig because I keep every previous version, it’s a precaution when models malfunction. And deleting all by the most modern one still brought things down to a cozy… 200+MB mostly from textures and .sph/a files that aren’t being used, as well as .xcf (GIMP files) files of textures that may require frequent editing due to variable conditions.

So I’m going to announce this here for everyone’s benefit. Takuya being up to date with modern technology and stuff, wouldn’t have a problem with .7z files. However for the rest, I don’t think it’s safe for me to assume this since I have come across quite a few that didn’t know that a superior form of archival such as 7zip exists.  I suggest that should you ever decide to download anything from me that is not a video, you will need 7zip, it allows you to crunch down a 200+MB file into a quarter of it’s size.

And now for the Project itself another reason why I needed Takuya to work on the models was due to several issues that I cannot troubleshoot in MMD, such as the crashing when bone groups are selected and stuff like that. These things really slow down my pace but I’m trucking on nonetheless. I could use other models as a placeholder sure, but there’s a lot of things that require the exact model because it’s stuff like masturbating, pulling open their buttcheeks…motions that require them to touch themselves (in many ways) which means I have to use the exact model in order to get it right.


^ something like that, if you ever copied this motion you may have noticed that it might work on Kuro or that Higurashi Girl, but for the rest you will need lots and lots of adjustment and patience.

Now the next round of trailers will probably go back to the energetic tone. But first I want to focus on getting the non-copypasta motions out of the way.


And that’s it for now, I need to resume getting the tedious stuff out of the way as fast as I can.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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One thought on “164th Pixiv, Miku’s Glazed Donut and other Squeaky News”

  1. I learned a new way to make a glazed donut today, thanks squishy! The ones I typically make don’t have sprinkles, hahaha. The thought occurred to me that I wouldn’t mind making glazed donuts out of the two nerdy nummies girls – “do you like it?”
    Look at Rin go today! Making glazed donuts of her own, LOL. Someone should toss some sprinkles on stage for her to roll around in! I’m sure she would have a lot of volunteers to eat her donut creation, haha.
    To recall that just hours ago she was a prim and proper school girl dressed modestly in uniform. Why would she diddle herself so shamefully? Oh that’s right, just two hours ago she was stripped in the street and dp’ed. Now she can’t keep her fingers off her magic button! The cat’s been let out of the bag. Or in Rin’s case, the pussy, LOL. 🙀

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