Game Review, Video Review, IL2 Trailer, and more Wiggly News!

About the Delayed Broadcast Today…

Well, first there was That Event. Was really shocked to hear about that. I was frantically trying to message everyone I knew who lived there to see if they were OK.

The Good news is that they are. I feel so relieved. So yeah, it seemed a little insensitive to post while that was happenening plus the effect it had on me as well. Anyway, they’re OK and I’m OK

And here’s the other reason, yeah yeah I know, tongue-in-cheek haha, but this had nothing to do with me enjoying the reason below, I was working as a Tester for it.

Well I’ve never been a professional tester below but I am the type of person who immediately gets their brain flooded with tons and tons of possibilities of what can be done with this. Yeah I did detect things that could possibly be exploits but probably are not, so please don’t throw stones at me in case it’s got more difficult now *hides behind a shield*

(Java) Sim Brothel

You need Java for it

simbrothel6 simbrothel5 simbrothel4 simbrothel3 simbrothel2 simbrothel1!KsUlTZaL!2rL32DoZ_4A5qB46_11FT7QbDfpjH9zaYP4ctTQ2_oM

So basically I was asked to give this game a test, It’s not that complete, you can see for yourself but it’s very promising. So we talked for hours and hours about stuff like item editing, tightening up the lines and basically going through what he can improve and what’s beyond his ability.

So it’s a interesting piece of work, I would say this is more like a playable beta and I am expressing intrest in lending a hand here for at least giving a little more output on the randomized dialogue.  I was thinking maybe the game should just out put up to three or more random paragraphs so long as they are within the same .Topic  in them

I’m not a programmer but I was envisioning the output of the event’s text to be something like this. Let “some_event” be whatever action you’re taking, like whoring, stripping, bartending, cooking, cleaning etc.

output.picture.random.event = picture.some_event

output.picture.random.text = text.some_event.paragraph1

output.picture.random.text = text.some_event.paragraph2

output.picture.random.text = text.some_event.paragraph3

something like that. Of course it was hinted that might be a little too much for his capabilities or something like that.

Now the pictures and the disconnect between them and the text aren’t that much (I’m one of those who can let their imagination override a lot of things) but some of them do feel a little too random. For example, eating at a restaurant puts up a random sexy picture of the girl, i think it would be more appropriate to just display a picture of what they’re eating like a hamburger or something.

At eight slaves and two trainers I did kinda drop the ball a little too often. People got sick, funds started dropping. Of course, this is normal for anyone who is new to the game as they start to explore the various possibilities.

Now, since this game is Java, that means it can be used for just about every platform there is.

Another thing, we somehow ended up talking about a possible CFC Visual Novel.But that seemed to necessitate having to code everything from scratch as I had ended up suggesting absurd things like “dating  or being seen in public with certain girls can either damage your reputation (Kokonoe Rin) or raise it (some busty girl with high-grades)” and stuff like “having to hire special staff to keep your activities hidden i.e. hackers/jammers” and even possible Dark Souls-esque trolling like “permadeath, start from the beginning all the girls have re-rolled stats”

Yeah that was absurd. Anyway, I guess my true role in such a collaboration would be as either a writer and or the artist

So those two things were the reason I wasn’t able to post yesterday. Anyway, let’s get back with the program by introducing my….

163rd Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

Here they are, Ladies and Gentlemen!



Thank you very much for your support! m( _ _ )m

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Video Review of Today

What? You weren’t satisfied by a game review? Well OK here’s the review for Today about MMD Videos. It’s one of my favorites right here; Ikamusumefun and his usual prop that we all love.

Yes, yes, I know… in the civilized modern world, you do not talk about three things: Religion, Politics, and big evil K. I know but I can’t help myself… it’s Solid Snake cameo’ing in just about every video he makes…Snake doesn’t have to do anything, just him being there makes everything look great.

Some may say it’s a cheap trick, but in the review below, I’ll show why it’s a totally hypocritical view to say so.

Click here for the review

 The Third (Gasp!) version of the 2nd Trailer for Iron Loli 2

Trollvids version here:

Homaigaaaah! I said the forbidden word Three! XD

So here’s the third and final version of the 2nd trailer, which as I said, I decided to just post all three since I couldn’t decide which looks better. So yeah, which did you prefer? The Marilyn Manson “Godeatgod” one? Garbage’s “Not Your Kind of People”? or the guro-infested Saya no Uta “Shoes of Glass” version?

All three songs I did feel have some sort of connection to what’ll happen next but of course I won’t say, for obvious reasons.

Now I have to admit I didn’t get much done for this project for today since I was asked to do some testing for the game and was discussing about a lot of things of what can and cannot be done due to limitations and knowledge thereof.

So in that case before I even consider taking that kind of collaborative work seriously it’s time for me to build up hype by doing what I always do, making videos.

So anyway what I was doing before I was asked to be a tester was that I was trying to spoof Beavis and Butthead skits with Naruto and Sasuke since you would have two dumbos sitting on something and making crude comments. Still don’t know, since the trailer shows them to be anything but retards.

But it would still be funny

Who knows maybe I’ll find a way to make that work out. Uhh huhuhuhuh…  but my main roadblock is this. Sorry but simply swapping it with a nine-tails aura thing isn’t as funny as a cheap effect of pulling a shirt over someone’s head

L( o w o)J

And that’s it for now, I have to resume working on my Project by focusing on the peformance scenes first then the non-H scenes later

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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7 thoughts on “Game Review, Video Review, IL2 Trailer, and more Wiggly News!”

  1. thats trailer, i like them. the asian music give him the character from a trailer after a Anime movie (where come the credits)

  2. Glad to hear your friends in Paris are safe. Went through a similar frenzy of phone calls myself. It’s crazy how a few people can turn the entire world on it’s head.

    >CFC collab with a brothel game
    That’s what dreams are made of, you know.

    Jack-O-Nine and the old old old SimBrothel(y’know, that one that started you with those girls from Love Hina and Oh My Goddess) are the only ones I’ve ever seen really progress beyond the beta/concept phase, so I’m interested in this. Something to keep an eye on.

  3. Well thaat game is kinda old i have the old version wich have more stuffs it was written in .net framework it was good but the pics are really random but lets be honest they are programmers and nobody seems to know how to draw.
    Now the java part is interesting because it can be ported to every platform.
    Stay wiggly ~( =w=)~O

  4. I really like the silhouettes of the girls in the stage fog! Sexy. That would be an interesting way to introduce the audience to the sex acts on stage. That couldn’t possibly be a horse, could it; whhaaa…???

  5. feels like a snuff film from what i’m picking up. I notice the bodies dangling in your “do you like?” sequence too. She’s not a typical cookie fun girl so its a possibility. Idk if i’ll follow you down that path.
    But there’s always cats in baskets!

  6. Hey Putichun, I don’t know about a snuff film, but just like your video, this one’s going to contain lots of pussies and radishes! 😆🍆🙀

  7. Its hard to tell, especially with so many alternate trailers and tones, this project is so bizarre, my curiosity is definitely peaked.

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