Pixiv 142nd, Don Deloro’s Pit Fatality, Slimy Hinata and more

emoji39_by_emoji_icon-d6me1t3142nd Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

and your winning Entry is…

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Splits Jill3




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Don Deloro’s Pit Fatality

Don Deloro’s foray into one of the better choreographies in MMD has an unexpectedly great touch to it that ironically the more complex dance-in-a-box videos don’t have.

Yes yes I understand “still starting on the project” I know. Got no beef with people working on MMD. It’s the silly fanbase I love to pick apart.

Sure opinons do have some weight after all it’s based on preferences that one has grown up to and been accustomed to enjoying. But beauty has never been in the eye of the beholder. It is a calculated, quantifiable value than can be enumerated and theorized. Don’t believe me? Switch on the your nature channel and see which male gets picked by the hens. I’m sure that nerdy looking peacock who can’t get it up (his tail) won’t betting any tonight.

Anyway, I’ve talked enough about how everyone’s overhyped but half-baked videos are not the “simple is beautiful” type, they are simple, but they are not beautiful.

But this video, has a lot of depth going for it. Pun intended

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Hinata’s Festival has all effects added

If you’ve ever tried the Self Lotion effect, you may have already noticed how large it is, a whopping 18MB, that’s enough to accomodate multiple models (models average around 1-2MB apiece)

Belatedly I forgot to add this important effect and I was expecting MMD to crash, but it didn’t. It actually fit.

It’s really worth noting that MMD is very lenient when it comes to accessories. It can crash when you add a model (when it gets as congested as mine) but perfectly accomodate accessories of reasonable size.

The main Hinata’s choreography has been added and now I’m working on the backup dancers, I’ve got quite a number of motions here and now I’m currently playing Indiana Jones, trying to unearth my stash of hentai spazzing motions.

No pictures because i’m not adding any more new elements to the stage,this is all about the choreography now.

But I can’t really say enough about the Nakao boobs, their ability to be adjustable is just god-like. they’re the Perfect pair for the Perfect girl.

That sounds like a good commercial.

Also, this video: you gotta watch this if you need inspiration for an intense club scene. I might throw this one in the Hinata project as well


And that’s it for now.

I do have to say, PSO2 final boss battle reminds me so much of Kingdom Hearts; the cartoony toy boss, followed by a serious battle, then a one on one battle with a human-sized character (where I totally went nuts just spamming my “Giant Not-Compensating-For-Something” sword attack because it was so much fun)

The story is so Puella Magica Madoka, now I know what to do during my break time.

But first, I have a serious party to render~

Stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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9 thoughts on “Pixiv 142nd, Don Deloro’s Pit Fatality, Slimy Hinata and more”

  1. The modern EDM scene is such a love/hate thing. The biggest acts now mostly stink, it’s increasingly commercialized and restricted(as a result). But.. There’s some good music in the muck, it’s where a large part of the rave community(and girls) gravitated to, and restriction isn’t always bad(EMTs and bouncers are a good thing).
    I don’t know what to think anymore! ;_;

    What do you mean use it in your video? Music from the documentary, or just influence in all aspects?
    I’m kind of shocked more house, techno, industrial or EBM hasn’t been introduced into MMD work, but I guess it’s still an anime program with a largely anime fanbase, making it more J-Idol/OPED focused.

    Squish! Will we ever see crazy rave-tier MMDs become a thing? You’re as close as we get it and carry the spirit well in a lot of your videos. Or are we going to be stuck with small night clubs and solitary performers on floating islands or goofy things like aircraft carriers?
    I feel like a focus on the stage would kind of miss the heart of the setting; the crowd and what happens around the venue(warehouse venue best venue) is the soul of it more than the performers ever are, which is kind of a logistical nightmare for a lot of MMD, and frankly crazy time consuming.

    1. Possibly I may use both, depending whether or not I find a better set of tracks to use but the influence definitely.
      I think the reason people don’t make them look as good is simply because of the perceived difficulty. I mean to be honest I think most just make them for a private show to fap to as opposed to making an actual show for their audience. I got into MMD when it first came into the scene so I possibly have some things that are no longer present like the gif effects which I’ve seen no one else do.
      Very possible that most just don’t see the reward that comes in being recognized in their effort. It’s not hard to imagine animating videos to be a “thankless job” that’ll be easily usurped by the “next best thing” As Lewis Caroll once said “Art is not for everyone” and I firmly believe to be so, for both sides of the canvas.
      We’re seeing the very same tween pop phenomenon happening in MMD, but except for tweeny girls it’s with men easily placated with the girl biebers (a redundant thing to say, I know) and easy fixes. Nothing wrong with that if one’s are looking to fap, but hey, some may be like me, having seen so much great stuff already that the simple things just won’t do. Some call it cynicism, I call it Being Educated.

      As for music tastes, well that’s a really simple reason for me; I’ve heard the default songs played a thousand times over, I’ve grown sick of hearing it.

      I know it looks like I’m doing the impossible, but everything I do is basic film making 101 as seen in any youtube video. Not that special at all, see? I’m not a genius, I’m just willing to work hard for it.

    2. Well, especially here in Europe many people hate the term EDM because it was made popular by the american recording industry for marketing purposes. But yes, there is a lot of great stuff. Ademar (what was his name on trollvids?) made a custom motion for Pjanoo by Eric Prydz, but that’s the only motion I know of.
      This collab will hopefully be close to a proper festival when it’s done: https://voat.co/v/CookieFunChannel/comments/489716
      Though, nobody was interested in participating, so only Erin and I are working on it and it’s taking a while to get the many details right.

  2. Crack that whip girl! Get busy with the choreography! Too bad about no pics today, but understand you’re on to other things. Preview pics really help get your fans amped for the release of your project; speaking for myself anyhow. But I do like what you’ve previewed so far. And def want to add that the sneeky shots of your girls giving head off stage did not go unnoticed, haha. I love when there’s a lot of dirty stuff taking place out in the crowd, so much more realistic and I think you’re the only artist who gets that. And the adjustable boobs, lol. Thank you, thank you 3939! So cute when your Hinatas are trussed up in their corsets and there naughty bits are all pushed together creating cleavage, but once they’re stripped nude like the background dancers there boobs adjust and they go back to being flat chested little lolis! Yummy. They are purr-fect. Anxiously awaiting your next stroke of genius!

    1. I really can’t show any more pics on this one, it was one spoiler too many XD

      Having a ninja girl like Hinata was truly a boon since everyone knows that any Naruto Ninja can clone themselves as plot dictates, it made everything so easy! Here I was talking about composition but now I can finally cut loose without any regrets, flat or bouncy, naked or pointlessly dressed, sultry or reluctant… our new wonder girl solves it all! XD

  3. The golden decagon matrix: http://www.goldennumber.net/beauty/
    The science behind beauty. I did some research a few years back, I remember reading something about humans being more visually dependent vs our other senses because we can observe more from sight regarding proximity in contrast to other animals and their uniquely dominant senses. We can tell a great deal about someones health by looking at their face, most illnesses/ailments have some reflective/recognizable attributes observable on the face. According to the gold ratio theory our facial structure is a projection of our DNA which does apply to your archetypes of beauty, an ideal DNA, but digging even further into the DNA projection concept regarding a level of detail beyond mere proportion, individuals within an acceptable parameter of golden ratio theory that more closely reflect the individuals own personal DNA composition will be more attractive to the viewer. One reason why its very common to see couples who look alike and are of the same ethnicity, they’ve recognized the DNA match. Its our biological recognition for the highest reproductive probability. Fetish though can trump all notions about attraction, that’s when you get into psychological factors which are unique to the individual as well. So yes there is a sort of platonic recipe for attraction from what I’ve learned but it only holds to a certain point, nothing is absolute.

    1. ~( ̄ワ ̄)~ nothing is real, everything is permitted~ sweet sweet anarchy. It’s for everyone!

      I definitely agree. Who needs Metar Gear-esque SOP nanomachines when our very cells are pulling the hivemind directive on us for thousands of years? No wonder some people hate America, because it goes against the notion of ethnicity…oh the MGSV jokes we can pull from this! XD

      I remembering seeing lots of pages of people who also pick pets that somehow resemble them. I wonder if this has anything to do with that?

  4. Thats very interesting, I imagine it does follow the same logic, a pattern recognition more or less, that would intensify the perception of cuteness, or even lay a base for relation and trust, the individual is recognizing a part of themselves in the animal or individual.

  5. Thank you for your comment. The idea I came only through the motion itself, in which the partners will be on stage. That was me too shallow. Yes, and with the depth … You know I’m doing me always a bit hard so I abe have for the first time in my subsequent video (http://trollvids.com/video/5349448/Alice-and-Canon-Airriang-Raiku-P-Motion) a schader set to my models and I hope someday I can do it also effect a laser into a to integrate video.
    Greetings to you … and yes we stay wiggly (@w@)

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