140th Pixiv, System777 Review, Kaizo MMD, and more

 emoji39_by_emoji_icon-d6me1t3 139th and 140th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!!!

Presenting your winning Entries…!


here they are!

Splits Jill1




Thank you very much for your loving support! emoji02_by_emoji_icon-d6kv97g


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System777’s Nostalgic Video

Sometimes I wonder if System777 is trying to be my Protege, if he does, he’s welcome. XD

Yeah some may say “but he’s not as detailed as you” yeah but at least he’s trying. Gotta give props to someone who makes the effort.

But regardless who copies what…the fact that someone gives a crap about their audience, their art, the fact that they put effort into what they do is what an audience appreciates.

But some may say “oh come one,how come we appreciate Indie movies more than the big budget Hollywood flicks?” that’s because you know as well as I do that in a big studio like that, you’re already backed with your greedy firm that lends you the expensive gear, so sometimes it feels that they had no effort in them at all, especially if it wasn’t something they acquired themselves.

The nice thing with MMD is that we’re pretty much all on equal ground here. We can all acquire these elements, it’s just a matter of how much one cares to get out there and search for these models, stages, and accessories.  It’s a matter of how much dedication one puts into doing these videos.

So without a doubt, if there was someone I would always rank highly it would be System777. click on the link below to see how he could have further improved the video, but keep in mind, most of these techniques might be considered advanced and stuff but hey, that’s extra pointers for you if you want to make an MMD video.

Click Here


hina back

hina front hina line narxhinabj

Here I was saying “backup dancers have to be used properly or they’ll take away the view”  oh I forgot, Hinata’s a ninja, and ninjas are magical creatures. Problem Solved.


Yeah I know Suwako’s a god and all, but it’s easier to view Hinata as being able to multiply. I actually remember a doujinshi where she had a shadow clone of herself turn to Naruto…hilarity ensues when she finds out she actually was doing the real guy himself.

1 0


Looks are deceiving, I will be using at least 3 files for this main scene. one for the front view (not meant to turn around and show the back), another for the back view (not meant to turn around and show the front of the stage)

As I shown a buddy in Skype, I am pretty much doing Kaizo MMD at this point. He watched crash after crash so my only compromise at this point is to have two instances of the file rendered into video, sacrificing the side that’s not seen to power up the things that have to be seen.

yup that’s what it’s been pretty much for the last couple of days. Kaizo MMD. But remember, it’s rather RAM intensive and I don’t have the best internet connection out there, so don’t expect to get a smooth video running if you want me to stream it.

For the H scenes… we’ll cross that hill when we get there


And that’s it for today, I have to return to work and later go trick or treating I’ll terrify people by wearing a justin bieber shirt (and kevlar underneath, never know when a prank can backfire)

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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4 thoughts on “140th Pixiv, System777 Review, Kaizo MMD, and more”

  1. Where did all those skyscrapers come from? I thought there was a cherry blossom forest there?

    Anyways if you do get lots of candy make sure to check it all out first you never know when some weirdo will mix in some needles or a gun into your candy.

  2. wut if you took a more “critique” stance when reviewing vids than a “critics” stance, if you know wut the putchintas cookin! (obnoxious laughter with snorting sounds, followed by a five minute coughing spell which ends in dry heaving.)
    (the audience cheers unconvincingly)
    Ive been gone, I missed my daily cookie!
    (audience throws bottles, makes hissing noise)
    I’m sorry! wont let it happen again! Jeeze, tough crowd here tonight, I’ve never seen so many bloated middle aged women in such a small concentrated area. Oh wait… I’m in the “Feminists for Hillry Clnton” Aol chatroom.
    I’m sorry you had to read this. I see youb been busy! 🙂 so many projects! (Climbs out the window and hugs Ronald.)

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