130th Pixiv, Macho Men, Vid Review, and more

130th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

And your winning entry is…

*Drum roll intensifies* emoji15_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9y8

Ero Dance Nude1




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Crowding up the Set

suwa ensembleX

I haven’t really decided yet if I’ll be keeping the sin sacks doing the Muscle-y motion in the background. Though having them around kinda gives the image of them projecting the image of what kind of huge guys with huge dicks are going to be ramming themselves into Suwako so it kinda works, just like in the same way that in the Iron Loli Contest, the horses were there in a background foreshadowing the climax of the party.

Yup, had to remove Snake, for two reasons: 1.) he blended into the background too much 2.) he looked out of place once I started adding characters that looked more appropriate for the festival

I think that Masamune would make a better DJ but he’ll blend in the background just like Snake did. I’ll think of a way to install him there, he’s like my favorite in the Basara series, along with the Norio Wakamoto-voiced Nobunaga.

suwa ensembleX2

That’s about 500 guys in the background, I think I should add more people in traditional clothes. I did some research and heard there was some festival where people brought their miniature shrines to take in more blessings and stuff, so I’ll probably rehash the crowd with a more appropriate one.

suwa ensembleX3

Yup, still foreveralone in the VIP area, still haven’t decided who’ll be there yet. Kanako of course yes, but I think there should also be some dignitaries and stuff there, you know, a Tyrant’s entourage of geezers in shadow.


Video Review: They ELECTed Xion’s

Watch the video here.

Now let’s look at this video first, Beyonce’s Put a Ring on it.

I like this video, it’s well done, the choreography and composition is great. I’m sure you can agree as well.

But wait, why am I praising this video even though I call some MMD videos as too plain when their dancing boxes have more decor?

Simple, that video was performed by people. Real people, people who aren’t perfect and can make mistakes. And it was all done in a single take

Understand this. 3d models, aren’t real people. There’s nothing charming in them performing the exact same motion because they’ll do it perfectly. They do not have this charm called “Talent”. Our 3d models do not have this human warmth, they’re robots who execute commands to the letter; they don’t forget, they don’t misstep.

What I see in MMD, is robots dancing. Why else do I go through so much effort in trying to make them human with facial expressions and realistic situations? How can you love something when you can’t relate to it?

Less is never More. Detail is key. Take the effort to make it look like the model is a human being. Even amateur looking motions are warmer because it’s like it was at least programmed by a person.

So yes, dance-in-a-box, no cuts, long takes performed by people? That is talent to do everything right in one go. But for MMD models? That is just being lazy.

Not that this video of Xion is guilty of anything like that. This is Xion we are talking about after all.


And that’s it for today’s post. Sorry for the outage I had yesterday, I had my new modem bolted down so Kitty won’t RKO the thing.

Incidentally, he’s not really a pet, he’s semi wild/stray. Or could have been abandoned, I mean, he lets me pet him and he comes out when he sees me.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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10 thoughts on “130th Pixiv, Macho Men, Vid Review, and more”

  1. You do an incredible job of making your MMD lolis look and feel human., especially Rin in your latest project. She doesn’t just “wiggle”, lol. She does a slow strip tease making your audience beg for her to remove another article of clothing and cheer when she does. The band aids underneath the string monokini was a stroke of genius! And we get to see her behind the scenes, her captor taking privileges with Rin’s exposed bare ass before she’s pushed onto the stage and told to strip. The facial expressions are spot on, the blushing, the tears, the open mouth, the closed eyes. And her body! Those nipples look like they would melt in your mouth – especially when you focused on them during her slo-mo pole slide. And her pussy slit is hypnotizing, lol. So congrats! Your characters do far more than stand on a bare stage and shake it. You are a rare talent seldom approached in your genre, twisted, but talented and much appreciated by your fans. I love your site and love that you get us involved as you develop the storyline for each upcoming project. Can’t wait for Episode 2 of Project Rin, wondering if it flashes back or moves forward to her further humiliation on stage with live sex acts. Hey – why not both! Perhaps Kuhro will get involved with a big dildo or strapon to use on Rin after the boys are done using her. And the new project with Hinata fuck dolls – maybe you should have a pig or a horse in the background somewhere along side the muscle guys. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Keep it wiggly for us.

    1. Thank you very much! (^ w ^)/ As for Episode 2 of Project Rin, I think that sex scene in the ending deserves a couple more minutes, and for the Shinra Dolls, I was thinking of having the guys and animals waiting at the background…but I also feel it kinda weird they just stand there so I’m trying to work that out.
      Anyway I’ll always try to keep everyone informed of how this goes ~(^w^)~

  2. >1.) he blended into the background too much
    But..But Squishy… That’s his job. ;_; It’s a sneaking mission, Squish.

    Also seeing Masamune Date again makes me think a random “ARE LU LEADY GAYZ?! LATS PAHDIE” would fit great in your videos somewhere.

    1. Yeah, it was a hard decision. I mean it’s not like most people know the Touhou Project to get the connection between Snake and Kanako…the latter having a snake motif, so as a result his being there is pretty much just random, like Spiderman and Deadpool was in Project Rin. Suwako’s modern-looking outfit kinda fits the stage set’s combination of modern and traditional, but Snake’s sneaking outfit is kinda too random to make any sense at all.

      Masamune on the other hand, the traditional armor, and his library of Engrish lines, his role as MC is just perfect.

  3. wut if snake in the box wuz up on the VIP tower? Snapping nex, everytime you flash that spot more old cronies can by lying ded on thar floor. last scene its just ol Solid sitting on the thrown. KA KAW!

  4. Question for Squishy – what is the significance of the 3939 on the drums when Rin is stripping? I feel like I’m missing an obvious Easter Egg!

    1. oh that one, that’s just the default textures of the drum I had nothing to do with that. incidentally, 39 in japanese is a short cut for Thank You since 3 “san” and 9 “kyu” = sankyu = thank you

  5. The more “human” like dance motions is also what I love about Xion’s videos :3

    In his more recent ones, the stage is a bit more flashy, and actually has an audience present.~

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