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Video Review: Reimu’s Bondage Dance

reimu bondage

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I remembered that it wasn’t until I started posting Sakura Kinomoto’s Love and Joy that BDSM-themed videos started popping out with a little more respect to the genre.  This probably coincided with many other designers getting a better understanding of how to convert 3D Custom Girl parts into MMD. I guess that was a very timely inspiration for most.

Here’s what I can say about this video. We need more Rope. Rope is more economical than chain and has better tolerances for spazzing than chain does. Plus, there’s something about modern rope, it’s not really that much of a tool to string people up with anymore. Modern forces uses zipties or chains for this, Rope has pretty much fallen out of favor, surviving only as a BDSM prop.

When you see rope nowadays, it’s more about hanging clothes and not people by the wrists, or suspending mountain climbers, not submissives. I guess rope’s kinkiness (pun intended) has certainly rose higher.

Again, I think it’s more economical for MMD. When chain spazzes out too much it can cause the links to clip past each other, destroying the illusion, while a string in MMD can allow for better suspension of disbelief (BDUMP-TISHHH)

Dear kinky MMD artists reading this… start using rope. Save the environment. emoji12_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9t8

To be Deliciously Inappropriate, you still have to be Appropriate

Don Deloro’s reuploaded the video I was talking about so you can now watch that Video of Airin here


So, this is what I was talking about when it comes to using appropriate stages, The model and the stage have to match each other, and any discord has to be done correctly.

So here we have a school girl in a rave club. Because I didn’t put in a party at full swing, there’s pretty much no reason to using a good background like this. It would have been more appropriate to use a school background or one of those surreal PD backgrounds. The school rooftop would have also been a better choice, or an empty classroom.

Remember the review I had yesterday about Alice’s Galaxias? TDA Miku would look GREAT in that kind of technical-looking background, but not that Alice in chic clothes, she looks better at a party.

So how about when you subvert this rule, have an innocent looking girl in an Adult-themed background? Let’s take another lesson from  Happy School



Even if you’ve watched too much Film Noir subconsciously your brain still associates a police station with a place of safety, where the crooks can’t touch you, but here, cops are predictably in cahoots with the crooks. Typical Noir matireal but still an interesting twist.

airin march1

Also, the school, a place where you’d expect order and the teaching of equality. I could have used a back-alley or a large warehouse for this. But my choice of a strong contrast between two concepts is what made this so good.  You expect the students to be outraged or something but they’re all cheering on the spectacle, people who don’t have any business with what’s going on. It’s not like students wake up in the morning and go “oh crap! I totally forgot Airin’s gonna screw a pig this morning, gotta prepare for school!”

By me subverting the archetype of a background, I was able to make it a lot more intense than it normally would.

What could I have done to make the Hibikaze video better? Add some of her classmates in uniform too, drinking and stuff, or have a scene of her heading there after school… just like what I did in this video.

Sorry guys wanting to use that CubP Dance Hall, but you’re going to have to do better than just slap in a model and expect it to look good. It won’t. There are tons, tons of surreal stages out there that work better for solo vids. Use those stages instead. They’re not hard to find.

It’s like how I totally roll my eyes when I see those sweet devil videos. they just don’t compare to the real video of it.

And please, none of this “oh come on just see the video for what it is and don’t compare” don’t compare? It’s using the same music and the choreography is based off of it, and you’re saying don’t compare?

So that pretty much wraps up the lesson I wanted to give every aspiring uploader; the only thing that happens when you carelessly load in models, stages, accessories, and motion…is a mess and only a mess. Sure, life in this planet happened cause a space rock fucked the planet, but the planet had trillions of years to make you, and your audience’s attention has only three minutes at best before they change to another video.

Even in apparent chaos there is still a theme, and therefore Order to it. Take that into account always.

But yeah, it is fun to goof around and lampoon. I should make more.


…where no one volunteered any video for me to review for today, so I picked the first one that showed up in Trollvids’ featured listemoji18_by_emoji_icon-d6kva8g

So here’s the idea, if there’s a video you want me to ponder about or take a look at, simply post the link of the video, whichever has the most requests for it will get a look over.

What kind of MMD video? Any, really, if it interests you, or you think is really great, or is just hilariously bad. Let me know and I’ll feature it in tomorrow’s news feed.

As for the Shinra Dolls, it’s still under work. Fortunately I had the foresight to have the “plate” that separates the vagina from the rest of the body therefore  once the “Gynecologist” finishes the work I just have to retrofit (them into (BADUMPTISSH) the girls.

This should allow me to continue working on the rest of their parts without having to wait.

Anyway, back to work for me.

Stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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