110th Pixiv and Hinata Hyuuga and Brazil Theory

110th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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Shinra Replicant Hinata Hyuuga

boobed blue boobed blue2 boobed blue3 boobed blue4 boobed blue5

Hinata is an interesting character, she keeps appearing in people’s flashbacks when she clearly isn’t there. So yeah somehow she’ll appear in a Cookie Fun Channel because… I was reminiscing things and somehow she showed up…what the hell.emoji28_by_emoji_icon-d6kvbmx

So there’s Rin, and there’s Hinata, I need a third loli now. Preferrably not someone with oversized pigtails since that overlaps with Rin’s outline.

I could have gone powerpuff girls, but one of them has this massive ass-blocking ponytail so that is a no-no.emoji28_by_emoji_icon-d6kvbmx

Anyway let me know who the third loli should be. And no, NOT Miku. I did consider Suwako but  you can’t recognize her without the hat. Well I’ll try putting googly eyes on the hood and see how that goes, but chances are you sure you will recognize her or is it only because I said I will be using Suwako?emoji06_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9hm

Ok now lets get the to something I’ve been putting off “why are there boobs on this? and what did you do with Rin?” Well, while I haven’t, it’s not that hard to put them on her.  emoji41_by_emoji_icon-d6me1vx

Plus, the idea of boobs bouncing about is just irresistable. Think of the suit as a “boosted form”

So anyway, once I decide who the third is, I guess that makes them the Generation 2 Cookie Fun Channel Girls? Then again, they’re not my creations,even if you consider them to be “Replicated” so that may not really count.

Speaking of Generation 1…wait what? G1? Have I turned into MLP? Well it’s not like there’s a pony Airin yet… (make one already!)


G1 Cookie Fun Channel Girls ID Art by JackSwordfire

_uzMHUli.png large r00u5k57.png large Y4xu51aU.png large

Special thanks to our lovely creator of the Cookie Fun Channel Voat page.  It’s a little quiet there but I’m partly to blame since I initially wanted to just Shrug of God it, but I became belatedly aware that there are some stuff I wrote down that probably isn’t well known or got buried by my other stuff, like Karen’s partial bio (here, here, and here), so I’m working with him by answering any questions he might have.

We had a lot of discussions about the possible location of River City as well as Airin’s origins (i.e. whether she is truly non-Japanese or just altered herself to look exotic) I’ll be leaving that to Jack to sort that all out.

So Iearned a couple interesting things, such as Brazil having a large Japanese population, along with Hawaii…River City could be in either place, or Okinawa or something…though the prescence of a Haruhi Redentor kinda makes it look more like Brazil

Airin Soccer 2

and Soccer…don’t forget Soccer


And the last song in the Latino Heat Collab? Here’s the music video of it


Anyway time for me to think of the third loli, so who could it be? Let me know in the comments. I have one rule though: no ass-blocking hair.  And now, time to get back to work! goose step



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11 thoughts on “110th Pixiv and Hinata Hyuuga and Brazil Theory”

  1. Go ultra loli with 紺子/Konko! :v
    I like twintails but it does feel like they’re required for all lolis now. Kinda annoying. Only other ones that really come to mind for MMD from popular series is Shinobu from Bakemonogatari or maybe Suika from Touhou. But they’re both with pretty long hair that blocks the butt too so they’re probably not very good.
    wtb more anime tomboys.

    Collar and outfit look great, by the way. Whats the screens below the name? I can’t quite make them out.

    1. Aira’s a no-go, her hair is too big for the hood and she’s not recognizable with most of it obscured. Remilia needs her wings and hat to be recognizable, Suwako is kinda workable if I put big googly eyes on the hood instead of ears but it then again there’s Nagase from KOF Maximum Impact and could be mistaken for such. It kinda reminds me of Bad Apple where one could recognize which Touhou it is because of their silhouette, ergo their default apperances. So I’m thinking it’s either Suwako or Flandre Scarlet or both and I make it a 4-girl ensemble now, along with Rin and Hinata.

    2. >well Ariane has an older but somehow loli bodied sister names Aira.
      I had no idea! I found my new favorite thing.
      Thank you for that!

      1. Sadly he has not posted anything new in a long time so you might want to checkout the Facebook fan page.

  2. A loli more \( =w=)/O
    Well thinking on popularity one option could be ro500 or Shimakaze one of those 2 ~( ºwº)~O
    One option i like is loli Android 18 (i got that one on my site) other option could be doronjo with short hair,other could be Haibara Ai from detective conan she is quite popular,and one really popular more than rin, haibara and all others is remilia scarlet from touhou and she look really cute in this video (probably just because someone used the clothes from the anime and manga Saki wich is a popular manga but only because is a nopan universe ( º)

    Well those are some options and really thanks \( =w=)¬O

  3. I’m not one who appreciates tits on my lolis, so I’ll think of her outfit as a corsette that pushes her little bits up and out just enough to be wiggly. But when her clothes come off maybe you could make her boobs “disappear”? That’s my request dear Doctor, lol. I do love the detail in her kitty hoodie – you know, the part in the front that reads “FUCK ME”. Purrfect attire for any loli. And the bios for G1 – 160cm, 42kg. WOW! That’s borderline “illegal”, hahaha! Faptastic job Doc!

  4. I took note the other day of your frustration with typical blocky backpacks and the wide shoulder straps that create a masculine look for your pretty lolis. An option would be to Google girls field hockey back packs. They’re much narrower, sort of triangular and also accentuate the bare shoulders rather than hide them so much. Equipment designed for the female body – hope it’s helpful. Love all your work!

  5. I like the Brazil location, it helps maintain the Latin undertone that Froggy’s intro’s had established. Some of your outfits are very Carnival esque too with the colors and the opulent details. Didn’t you post an image of a giant parade style stage float when you first mentioned Cookie Fun World? I cant help with the loli’s, I’m outdated on my characters, I feel like she should be a very stringent loli, little fascist girl in uniform… some of the girls from Strike Witches are kinda cute?

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