New DL Section, Theories, Musings

New DL Sectionemoji29_by_emoji_icon-d6kvbpb

For your convenience I have added a new Download Section for various things I am sharing. Again, you do not have to credit me, credit the original makers instead. They get props for actually making them, all I did was edit.

You can also find the link on the Menu at the top of the screen, right beside Home.

Enjoy! (^w^)/


An Introspective Look emoji02_by_emoji_icon-d6kv97g

During my time recovering at my parent’s place I’ve been thinking about how I all started this.

I guess it all began with flash animation, and it wasn’t too different from my MMD works in terms of being massively sized. However I never got to really create or release anything considering how I never drew sprites I merely copypasted them from various sources. So in a sense they were all stuck in a W.I.P. phase.

Then came MMD. When I first saw this program I really loved the idea of customizing it. After all, I had played X-blades and put a nude patch on Ayumi, I used to have RE4 as well and had some patches for that too,

…then there was MUGEN, the ultimate when it comes to customization. I once made a remake of Touhou 6: Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil, replacing the Touhou Cast with other characters that were similar to the theme, plus the fact that during that time back in 2004 – 2006 there weren’t that much Touhous available at the time plus some that weren’t even in the official fighting games (i.e. Koakuma, and Cirno would not show up until years later)

So the story mode had the player go against Dark/Shadow Users (Rumia), Ice Users (Cirno), Kung Fu masters (Meiling), Wizards (Patchouli), Maids (Sakuya)…which I renamed as “Maid Brigade”, Succubi (Koakuma), and finally the final battle with 1 of the 3 versions of Remilia Scarlet that I had (including an KOF Igniz type of Remilia) plus an extra stage where you either fought a dragon (Remilia’s “True Form” as a reference to Castlevania), Flandre Scarlet, or EX Rumia.

I also tried doing the same for Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom, including a Yukari who spammed Trains as a bonus stage.

So anyway MMD soon took over my Mugen time. So what influenced me to come up with big stages and audience? The reason was pretty simple: IdolMaster.

Im@s was already around during the time and I kept seeing it in NicoNicoDouga and Youtube a lot. So comparing the simplistic MMD with the grander looking Idolmaster Gameplay was like night and day. I however, believed that so long as it can be customized, something can be done about it. That drove me to find ways to populate the file with detail. So it had nothing to do with trying to outdo others but simply because i wanted to match an actual game’s level of detail. I wanted it to look as good as Im@s, the actual game that is.

And what do you know…I guess I have exceeded that level.

Of course, this constant working on MMD has made me belatedly realize a few things that should have been there. Like the B-rolls, something which I have taken for granted. I had Sony Vegas for sometime before I started using it on Arcade Girl Airin, but the thought didn’t hit me until then when I stopped watching MMD videos of others and started watching actual music videos. That made me reconsider what I was doing and aim for bigger things. Just like how I wasn’t looking at other MMD’s and instead watching Idolmaster gameplay vids, I’m looking at actual music videos and seeing what I should be doing next.

Always, always…always aim for something bigger than yourself. MMD for me is like rock climbing. Theory is good and all, but in the end, the only way to get better is to get your hands and feet into it.


Expanded Universe?

After getting the green light from Vgadict  to use the NOPAN logo for a news van I could use. So I thought it would be a good thing to establish a kind of Expanded Universe.

The Gang Den is sorta unique among the stages given how “edited” it looks. Maybe it’s just me but there’s something about that makes it look gaudy in a good way, like it looks like it was hastily assembled to be a haven for horny boys (and some girls) to get together and watch exhibitionist girls or those pulled into it either through coercion or deceit.

As per Project Rin, it is located in “Bar Dois Coquieros” Kamome (Seagull) City.

bar dois coquieros

You can see this stage immediately when you load the stage in MMD as seen below, the green vertical line is the Coordinate Axis.

bar dois coquieros2

Interestingly, Airin is seen walking towards this bar in the video below, I wonder what that means…?

Also, don’t forget that it’s also in front of this bar that Airin competed for the Iron Loli Contest.

The buildings at the backgound of the Airin vs. Alice dance-off? Also close to that area as well.

The Summer Night Party also take place near it, judging from the background as well.

bar dois coquieros4a

This place might seem familiar, it’s the locale Airin was seen doing her skateboard tricks and dancing to Gentleman during the Latino Collaboration

Skater Airin Scene 1

airin scorpion bikini b-roll1


And this underpass section, where she did the Walking With You promotional stint.

What doesn’t take place in Kamome city?

Happy School.


(9 w9)a just put your theories in the Voat page to make it easier to streamline


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Once again, thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay emoji02_by_emoji_icon-d6kv97g

5 thoughts on “New DL Section, Theories, Musings”

  1. I liked that little history lesson!
    im@s I blame with getting me into mmd too. I liked the videos occasionally before this but sm21324049 is what made me get the program and try my hand at it(more to make an uncensored version than anything) and really set me off on a watching/downloading spree. Those big crowd exhibition kind of videos were always much harder to find than I imagined they’d be and I got bummed once I felt I’d never have the patience to make anything significant.
    Then you fucking burst onto the scene and solved everything. Full circle!

    Releasing these stages and models is going to jump-start some really good creations from the community, I think, so thanks!

  2. ya nice backstory, I was always curious about the origin of Airin, and now I see where Karen and Charlie come from too. I now see the underlying influence with the more video game theme works as well along with the Sakura home vid. (I would still love to play a real extreme dance showdown.) I was thinking you should sell some merch, I might be tempted to buy a mug with the cookie fun logo on it, or even a nice cotton t-shirt with Airin or Karen looking adorable on it… still trying to fathom what the next gen of vids are going to be like too on the new new machine. much progress! supa fantastico!

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