Pixiv 97 and more Weekend News

97th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!!!

Your Winning Entry

airin march3


Here’s the last GIF I extracted from Happy School.

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Next: Project Rin!

Progress Update: Stage setup 90% completed

I actually skipped ahead and worked on the intro sequence first. Both versions, since I see two possibilities. Without giving too much spoilers, one is ominous before it brightens up, while the other is raw and energetic before it slows to match the pace.

In theory, which would you prefer to see? High Energy that tapers into the main beat of the primary scene? Or a faux ominous one which then livens up?

So what’s the missing ten percent? I think it needs a little more people running around at the back. Kinda want to widen the guy is to girl ratio. As for the audience, i keep it a bit equal.

It’s important for me that things feel organic, that people are moving around operating things; a host running a show, a DJ playing music, and now a pair of technician perverts operating the screens.  Just like the connection between the audience, even if it’s just a simple loop, it feels better that way.

Belatedly, it’s my first Anniversary in Pixiv and Patreon

And also my first anniversary doing MMD full time. (‘w’)/ I really just want to show my appreciation for your support in this.  It’s really overwhelming in a good way. The only reason I got to do it all was thanks to YOU! \(>w<)/ YOU made it possible.  All those Pixiv Rankings too! I mean, someone’s put a vote there, and thank YOU for doing so! m( _ _ )m

And to further show my thanks… time to get back to work on the videos you love! v(‘ w ‘ )^


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Once again, thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay \(^  w ^)/

3 thoughts on “Pixiv 97 and more Weekend News”

  1. It’s really hard to say without knowing more.
    If the entire tone is exciting and uhh.. ‘innocent’, go with energetic.
    If it’s another coerced exhibition thing, both would work.

    Just to even out the Project Rin stuff, I wouldn’t mind seeing it energetic personally. Like some of the Sakura videos or, speaking of animated scenery and background characters, (my favorite)Moon Dance, where it just seems like a good time all around.

    Unless you mean ominous as a joke. Like it starts out seeming serious, then you do something to make the project essentially say “syke!” That would work too.

    Damn it Squish, tell us more. ;_;
    Did you decide on a genre yet?

    1. The new project is going to be an energetic one since the stage that I’ve shown so far just screams “happy music” or “wub wub wub dubstep rave trapcore” music, basically anything but dark and ominous. But having an interesting opening allows me to use ominous intros as a sort of gag… take for example, Metallica which is a heavy metal band, always begin their concerts with Ennio Morricone’s “Ecstasy of Gold” which is classical orchestra, before they rev up their amps and play Master of Puppets or Battery.

  2. I perceive the use of ecstasy of gold as a sort of palate cleanser, which allows the first song to be more impressionable and intense through clarity and contrast. It also gets the listener more honed to the auditory perception with a work so complex and grand, as well as establishing a sort of quality “par” aside from the “ravishing the element” concept immediately after. Now with that said, I would have recommend whichever might best prepare the viewer in similar complexities, for dripping wet techno vaginas and all that is adorably wiggly. 🙂

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