Progress Report: DJ Table looks like the CFC Logo

Progress Report on the New Project

Len teaser DJ

Well the DJ table problem has been mostly fixed now, I just think it needs a little more width. I’m using Len as a placeholder for this one. As I’ve been unable to decide who to use for the crew I’ve been aiming for something that could fit anyone.

In order to balance the crammed amount of data the Technician’s Table provides I decided to make the DJ area look more flamboyant. After all there seems to be a kind of interaction tier here: The DJ plays the music, the girl dances to it, and the Technicians work the cameras based on her movement.

Now there’s a conflicting project I’m also working on. No it’s not Project Rin but something a little more seasonally appropriate. Just a hint, it’s Japanese. Anyway, I’m trying to see if it’s possible to get them two together without having to look like a jumbled montage.  Most likely it’ll be two separate works.

Is it me or the assembly resembles the Cookie Fun Channel Logo?

Solidifying the Mythos

Thanks to Jack Swordfire, I’ve decided to codename the place where my works take place in as River City (Kawamachi in Japanese? Is that even correct? Help me out in this) …for some reason I think of violent gangs, and Cornish Hens.

One of his Theories was that everything that takes place with Airin and friends is that it’s all a large Truman Show. But… having watched Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, which talks about massive scale social anomalies, it makes me wonder a possibility that it could also be considered a case of one such Stand Alone Complex, then again it being a Truman Show is already such an S.A.C. in itself.


It’s nearly about time to Upgrade

Well then, Project Rin has been released already and the new month is about to roll in. Which means the funding once receieved will go into the upgraded material (Special thanks to Don Deloro). Now I have been getting some requests about where to send stuff… umm just message me and I’ll work it out, aside from obvious reasons there’s people I need to talk to to work it out and I don’t want to bother them unnecessarily.

So basically in these past several months of using this i3 compared to my P4. It’s been a massive improvement. So thank you guys very much! m( _ _ )m

Project Rin for example, would have taken longer to create, not because of how slow it would be with older parts, rather, it’s the psychological aspect. I’m patient with these kinds of stuff but with the i3, the lag was manageable enough that I was able to work even with the effects on in order for me to do the camera work while taking the crowds into account.

Note: these crowds are made via the Clone.fx which means with the effects off, they don’t show up.

In comparison, in order to work with the crowds in Happy School, I had to set up a series of panels to represent the likely area they’ll appear in, and you can still see some collisions there with their hands. Then, once I’m satisfied with the camera work, I removed the panels.

Now, in Project Rin, since I could work with the effects on, i was able to work better since I could tell when they raised their fists and potentially blocked the camera. Being able to edit the .fx files in real time (trust me, it is NOT difficult) without having to wait minutes was also a big plus.

So yeah, long story short, this allows me to make the sophisticated scenes I have long wanted.


Q&A: What do you do to take the edge and stress off while working?

Usually I watch, or mostly listen to stuff that’s related to the material I do. Since my current project is about trying emulate concerts I’ve been watching professionals who know how to build great ones. So yeah, I do my homework.

Alternatively I look for something that I can listen to, a sort of radio. Even if I have a second monitor I would be focused on the MMD work anyway to spare a glance.

Strangely enough, I don’t try to blindly listen to music. To me, it’s very influential on what I do. There have been too many times I’ve been stumped on what to make simply because one genre got me building the design on one thing, only for it to be redirected elsewhere, forcing me to tear down the stage to fit this different new mood I’m in.

Also, it feels limiting because it may not fit the current choreography. As much as possible I go for the music AFTER I’ve built the scene. Project Rin was one of the few exceptions as I was lucky enough to find the kind of song I wanted.

I’m very allergic to default music. First of all, since everyone else uses default music, I avoid it that way when I watch other people’s videos, it feels fresh. Because imagine me working on let’s say… Elect. That means several times during the creation of the video I would have developed allergies to even hearing that song.

I’ve had quite a few friends in January asking me if I had a latino friend visiting me because I had to play and replay various music appropriate to that genre.

Creepypastas is another one, since I’m a fan of horror stories. Except for pokemon pastas and nintendo pastas. Seriously those are just lame. Yes I know Majora’s mask can look nightmare fuel-ish enough but… trying to make them look like real things is what little kids do, the same little kids who believe in Santa and Herobrine.

Oh and those gamer videos with voice trolling and other antics, I love them to death XD, it really cracks me up.

Anyway that’s enough of my break time and time to get back to work. Take care and stay wiggly! ( ‘w’ )y


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Once again, thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay \(^  w ^)/






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