90th Pixiv Ranking and more news

89th and 90th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!!! >w<

Charlie Electric Horse3


airin march2


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We may need a new Intro

Among the usual habits of my videos is to “interrupt” a broadcast; i.e. to play someone else’s clip. A practice I’ve limited to doing with only a close friend of mine, Sanaefroggy.

I started using this practice less and less because, apart from having Sanae’s consent, when I use it with others it just starts to strike me as being very rude and condescending. I mean, it sounds like me saying “we interrupt this video to show you HOW IT’S REALLY DONE!”

And that’s why until further notice, I decided to not use the Interrupt Sequence anymore. Sanae’s videos are OK because they have this TV vibe (meaning, it doesn’t sound like I’m trying to outdo them) and as I said before, we’re good friends.

As you may also have noticed I started using it to interrupt my own videos instead, using it to end a prologue.

What do you think? Is should the Cookie Fun Channel return to it’s roots and interrupt a broadcast? Whose should I use? Or do I make my own dance videos, with dancing clowns and wriggling sharks?

Or do we make one with a recognizable jingle? I’m not a musician though.


2D Art

I’ve always wanted to team up with someone who does 2D art and I’m always on the look out for those who want something to do. Now you might be thinking: “but Erin! 3D >>>> 2D!” not for me. Plus it makes things more stylized.  I mean, picture this. If I’m depicting a famous character, wouldn’t they have artwork of them apart from their own photos?

So if you know anyone who does 2d animations who are languishing in a creative block, do let me know. Of course, they have to be the type who do hentai or ecchi work (o wo)/  so choose wisely.


Help the Cookie Fun Channel’s ongoing makeover with it’s hardware when you donate via Patreon! Helping the goal reach greater heights allows me to obtain a stronger machine to stand side by side with the i7 MMD’ers!

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New to this site? Welcome! You can view my previous works via the Mega Uploads page where all the downloadable goodies are. You can also see my full library of animated works in the Video Catalog where I posted stuff in either Youtube ,FC2, or  Trollvids! There’s lots out there waiting for you, go nuts!

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5 thoughts on “90th Pixiv Ranking and more news”

  1. You’re talking about the clips that were usually at the start of your videos right? That aped spanish(?) television a lot?
    I liked them. They were pretty funny on their own. I always just assumed you made them yourself, so Sanae just got a new subscriber!

    Maybe not your intention but to me the interrupt from those videos to your videos always made me feel like Cookie Fun Channel was a rogue network or television hacker broadcaster, ala https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIu02SI78-g

    So in my mind there’s a bunch of old spanish or latin american women watching weird MMD soap operas who get interrupted with naked dancing girls with anal beads swinging around.

    This is my headcanon now and you can’t stop me.
    Those poor, confused grandmothers.

  2. Lol@HeadsExplode. I always enjoyed the Froggy’s flicks too, they were always a distinct element setting the cookiefun channel apart from the crowd in an actual act of departure from the slapstick reality that’s more akin to your PG afternoon programming, the Hispanic cultural element also was unique flavor to them, just like the Japanese cultural element is unique to Squishy-san’s creations. Both appeal to me. I was actually a lil bummed when I didn’t see an intro vid to P. Rin. I was thinking wut if you actually just sampled some retro telemundo instead?

    1. Actually taking from a real show feels like too much of an Art Shift which is why I avoided it. I prefer to use just MMD works. But, of course, just using other people’s works without their express consent just sounds disrepectful because of the disparity between qualities, it sounds like me saying “this is how you do an MMD video”. Sanae’s on the other hand is just pure comedic work so i don’t find it disrespectful to interrupt with static because it looks like regular tv. So now I’m keeping an eye open for possible works i could use.

  3. As someone who has enjoyed your videos for nearly two years, I have to agree with HeadsExplode. The Cookie Fun Channel being presented as a rogue broadcasting entity butting in on more boring in-universe fare to scandalize the viewer with underground loli fuck-offs and exotic parades.
    The sense of continuity does wonders for creating a fappable little universe, where a chain of recordings suggests, for example, Sakura’s descent from barely clothed dancer to tattooed and plugged public sex object. And all the time the girls are being swept along in this tide of escalation, CFC is there recording it.

    So while I wouldn’t say you have to interrupt existing broadcasts on every single video, they’re a nice touch. The Spanish and Sesame Street/Touhou crossovers especially provided a lighthearted transition that got me to crack up.

    1. Thank you very much! (^ w ^)/
      I have been considering a kind of continuity, and now I think I know how the writers of comics must feel in trying to piece together something that has so many things thrown into it. (i.e. superman, batman, etc.) so my strategy is to be vague. I know it sounds lazy but in a way to explain…it give me pieces of a framework to solidify things, so I think the best course then is for me to create these pieces first.
      It’s also interesting how “guerilla underground” thing the network is in its mythos yet is at the same time very public, so it’s a kind of a paradox too. XD

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