88th Pixiv and Musings

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Musings on Detail

Buddy: “Cool, I love Metallica too”

Me: “Yeah I went to their concert once it was great”

Buddy: “What’s so good about concerts? I had their (cassette) tapes at the time”

This small exchange between me and a buddy got me thinking as to why I love making great showcases. Listening to a great track isn’t the same as seeing the band come out live with all the pyrotechnics. It’s like saying Legend of Zelda for the NES is a Game enough without experiencing the awesomeness of Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask.

It’s almost as if all criticisms being levelled against me are “how DARE you make something more awesome and elaborate than me!” I’ve seen live events, I’ve been to concerts. It’s like saying “How dare you use condiments!”

How come then I don’t see any Animasa models being used? I thought simplicity was beauty? Then by that logic they should be as sexy as hell but I don’t see them using it. Hypocrisy Exposed.

Consider this: Most works of Art usually at some level say “use your imagination” but for a buck naked girl…what else is left there to the imagination? I’m not saying it’s bad, after all, put on any porno and you don’t get 5-star-hotel class sequined revolving beds.

But for the kind of situations I do? Detail is crucial. You cannot emulate a live event in a small box of a room. In fact, using detailed stages then not garnishing them is pretty much a waste of RAM if you ask me, might as well have stuck to using a box.

Everytime I see someone use a great looking concert stage then not populate them AND not have the decency to cover it up by blatantly showing it’s empty just irks me.  If you can’t populate them, then don’t show backviews. What’s this, dress rehearsal? There are tons of stages in MMD that aren’t concert stages or public places, so deliberately picking them out…that just feels kind of arrogant.

A well decorated room would do better for solo performances. Please, stop using stages that meant for tons of people to be walking around in if you’re not going to make it look like that. It only works for surrealism and most aren’t putting any surrealism in them, heck, my own crowded arenas are more surreal simply for the fact that it’s broadcasted and live and she doesn’t have any pants on and there are flying clowns on them.

I don’t buy into this “Less is More” mentality, sounds more like Stockholm Syndrome towards limitations.

And I made a lot with just a P4

Ultimately it reminds me of this


More Musings: The Concert StageprojectplanX

Previously, I thought of fashioning as Technician’s table, so after finding a great studio stage, I attatched a few screens to them and…screen demo2

screen demo

You are not seeing things, that is multiple screens showing different scenes.

Compare this to Project Rin

re - video renders 5 different screens

Yep, that escalated quickly.

But that creates a new problem. The DJ Table is now severely overwhelmed.  So now I’m in the process of finding a better looking DJ Table to compete with the Technician’s station. Or at least put a great backdrop on the DJ table.

So getting back to the Supporting Roles of Characters, let me revise it.

  • They should not look too plain, they should stand next to TDA Miku and not look like a bad edit. Not to disparage 3DCG characters but most of them really do not look well.
  • No LAT Models, they do not play nice with the global effects. (LAT Glados is the only exception because she can be construed as some quantum projection thingy)

The DJ should have some or all of the following qualities

  • Looks like a DJ or is a DJ in their universe. Or at least musically inclined
  • Is popular, and charismatic in the show or game they starred in.
  • Preferrably be popular with the ladies (i.e. in canon or fanon is portrayed surrounded by admiring women)

The Technician should have some or all of the qualities

  • Technologically inclined
  • A Pervert (either in canon or fanon) or at least is pragmatic enough to know what the audience came to see.

There can be up to two characters playing the Technician role.

Back Up Dancers, two are needed but you may make just one recommendation.

  • boobs cannot be too big or too small. Nakao’s sexy models is the maximum limit. No flatties
  • cannot be showing private parts. keep yer shirt on! Girls can’t use t-back bikini’s or nipple bras or pasties.
  • Cannot be barefoot. Shoes preferred.

Well back to work for me! ( ‘w’ )/ sorry for the long rant.

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