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\(>W<)/ 86th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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karen interrogation



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New Project: A Discussion As I Build

I’m writing this section as I work on the project. As always my gmail and skype are always on for you to reach me.

Given how colorful the stage for my current project looks, it kinda shuts off a lot of options for rock music

elaborate stage example1

It goes without saying the people who made these stages are geniuses, especially CubP.  Gods bless CubP.

Well I guess Alternative can work well but from my observations they usually bathe the stage in one color as opposed to many. So that means it has to be electronic like dubstep, nightcore, trap etc.

Then again the colorful-ness of the stage makes it great for pop music. So I guess getting a medley from a J-Pop group would be great, like Im@s. It won’t be easy though, since MMD doesn’t have all motions to all their choreography. Plus, the music won’t really be appropriate. (Well I do know one music that works, the theme song from Honoo ni Haramase: Paidol something… the one made by Squeez as well as the one from Sex Friend but those are two different Genres)

So here’s my short list of DJ’s

Left to Right, Top to Bottom

  1. Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon3
  2. Freddy Fazbear
  3. Kagamine Len (Blue Bird Edition)
  4. Glados ReCharged
  5. Spiderman
  6. Kyubey
  7. Sukusuku Hakutaku / Kamishirasawa Keine
  8. Yeah I totally forgot about Clownpiece

Comment on who you prefer to be the DJ for this Project. Sorry, Jaws cannot be a DJ, he’s on crowd duty, like Horsehead.

Now for the crew ratio, and this is something I’m also trying to work out because I believe this is important. For hentai and ecchi work like this, I believe the male:female ratio for performance work should definitely have more guys (not to disparage girls who love girls because I absolutely love yuri) in it. So my preference for the DJ is that they be either male or at least non-human.

Again, I’m not being sexist, it’s just that if I’m going to pick a female DJ for this kind of project, she better be either a.) a known pervert or b.)confimed lesbian. Sorry DJ Kuroko Shirai, but I haven’t seen any good models of you around. Glados is ok because she’s a sociopathic AI. Basically I want it to be someone who looks like they would definitely like the show the girl’s putting on, or at least someone who looks like their occupation is at the mixing table,

Yes it looks like a too minor detail for most but that’s how I roll.

Next is the Back-Up Dancers. The stage looks pretty big and lonely for just one performer. This Project will be having only one main girl (it’s easier to manage) so it has me asking what kind of back-up dancers she can get.

The common pitfall is to have them as undressed as the main girl. I see this as a pitfall is because they grab attention elsewhere. Having them scantily dressed but not as revealing as the main girl doesn’t help either because you will subconsciously expect their top to explode or fall off. Even if I pick this route, it also falls onto me to find girls of the same build; you see, if the backup dancers have bigger or smaller boobs, then they’re projecting their own appeal now before you think I’m just being random…

…consider Crazy Horse, a Gentleman’s Club based in Paris. They make it a point at all their girls are roughly around the same bust size and build so that it meshes well with their group numbers. In a nutshell, in this path of being as underdressed or undressed as the main girl, they should not look too striking to take away the show from the lead performer.

The other path is to have the girls fully dressed, with spandex shorts under their skirts if i have to (that’s easy to edit in) or in short shorts; which are sexy, appropriate for the theme but not too revealing to grab attention.

The other alternative is to get male backups.

Oh I can hear some protesting now. But I’ve been to Madonna concerts (and other performers I’m too embarassed to enumerate, hey I was a kid back then!) and she doesn’t always have herself surrounded by an all-girl entourage.

Of course I won’t be having the boys do the girly motions, it’s not hard to edit in motions (just tedious but not that much). In fact I just might edit and if possible distribute one for others to use. The DA distro won’t have a slider for “unzip for dick” for obvious reasons.

Doods get to satisfy the CMNF thingy by “invading” the “personal space” inside the stage because the only time you get the place to feel crowded is when the camera shows the view from the rear to see the crowd. There’s only so much crew you can put on the stage; the DJ and the camera crew and maybe some technicians.

Project Rin had a kind of Technician in the background; it was Iroha (the orange haired girl beside Kuro, one working on the laptop presumably streaming it all in Bitch TV (an ecchi parody of Twitch) and managing the other screens.

For me it’s a nice touch to show someone actually working on the video; a pervert who deliberately picks the most revealing camera views


So in a sense, he or she is a kind of performer as well, since they have to pick the right view at the right moment. Glados seems to be more at home in this kind of role as opposed to being a DJ now that I think of it. Alternatively I could pick another hitherto unused character so long as they are a known pervert (i.e. Konata Izumi, but I find Lucky Star Models a little too SD on the other hand, Haruhi seems to fit this role and look decent enough)

All in all, looking at the kind of crew we have here, it seems fitting that in some way they look like a team, that means they all have to wear shirts or vests with the Cookie Fun Channel logo on it.

Anyway I’ve been rambling on for too long, back to work for me so I’ll leave this short survey here.



  1. Who should the DJ be?
  2. Who should the Technican(s) be?
  3. Who should the Backup Dancers be?
  4. For female backups, how dressed should they be?
  5. If you were in the audience, what sign would you be waving around?
  6. In your Opinion who are the Top 4 Iconic Girls of Hentai MMD?

Thank you for taking the time to answer, stay wiggly!

m( _ _ )m


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8 thoughts on “86th Pixiv, Project Rambling, and Survey for you”

  1. Kyubei because he looks like Cocaine the Dog/Cinnamon Roll.

    Regarding scantily clad back up dancers, though. Don’t you think the expectation of exploding clothing kind of goes away fairly fast when the viewer realizes nothings going to happen? Even in videos where they do strip down, generally, camera priority will still direct attention where it needs to be.. Wouldn’t it?
    Some of your Sakura videos and I think your Miku Iron Loli/Get Up video had the backup dancers generally dressed the same as the lead, and I never felt my attention wandering any more than normal, personally.

    Otherwise I like the idea of short-shorts.
    Or how Jasper outfits his mmd models. Not sure what to call that kind of outfit. I like leather..

    1. 1 vote for Kyubey it is!

      Thanks for the input! You do have a great point there. Also, I didn’t know Jasper had models still clad, I was under the impression he edited them to strip them and give them appropriate bodies. I’ll look into them when I have time.

      1. Ah, I mean the clothes they wear usually before they begin stripping. I’m just speaking to the style of clothing he uses as being appealing. It might not fit with such a preppy j-pop looking stage, but I don’t think it’s ever clashed with his videos either. Maybe an outfit like those, but in white would make more sense for the stage? Just a thought, anyway.
        As an example.. Before the stripping!http://trollvids.com/video/27519/ElecMamiAmi-H5800
        I like JackS suggestions of doing bunnygirl outfits again, too.

  2. 1. with such a colorful stage go with the pony.
    2. Keep the ginger girl and add the blue haired girl from (Charlie’s Wet and Wild Bar-top Dancing)
    3. The Rhea model by the guillotine from the MMO parody video
    4. Same micro-kini (maybe have the gem’s change color) or maybe give them bunny suits
    6. Without including your’s I would say Alice (kikomiki)and Angela Balzac the Girls from Idol master are also great.

    1. Thank you very much for the input! (^ w^)/
      1.) that’s 1 vote for Vinyl Scratch! Thank you!
      2.) Ginger girl and blue haired girl? Uhhh…got a pic?
      3.) Oh the DOA Venus-kind of costume, sounds like a great idea!
      4.) Adding to the sexiness sounds great! >w<
      6.) Which girl from im@s?

      1. Sorry had leave in a hurry by (ginger girl)I meant Iroha by the Blue-haired girl well here is a pic I just love the crazy look she has. http://i.imgur.com/z9IZolS.png

        As for the im@s they are all great I have seen a lot of video’s of them.
        Xion just released another one.

        Anyways while I was away I saw an old episode of american dad where Avery Bullock said “strangle me while I brush you hair.” and Rin does have beautiful long hair so that would make a nice concert sign.

  3. The DJ should be Kagamine Len
    Well for music i go for J-pop specially Miku but i have others
    Flow – Sign

    Breakerz – Miss Mistery

    I think this would be good on mmd koishimasho nebarimasho

    The original

    The technician something non human definitelly spcially something with tentacles like the one zone tan use against anyone who opses her (male or female the monster obey zone tan so it ended raping one of the crew ( ‘O’)7 )
    And wwell for the bcup dancers i might get an idea so wait an ail maybe i could get you some girls in spats
    Well stay wiggly ~( =w=)~O

  4. 1> Caitlyn Jenner
    2>not sure, maybe Len, someone who will mesh with the background scene best
    3>wut if the background dancers were all loli (miku maybe) but their choreography was awkward and timing was off, (new recruits) theyre all self conscious about being exposed on stage, one or two are just standing there looking confused.
    4>adorably exposed
    5>requests for lewd acts mixed with some humorous exclamations
    6>Karen (of course!)
    I’m a big fan of Elsa from frozn, for sum reason. (she might bring you some alternate web traffic too)
    Shimakaze (those tan lines, yum!)
    As big of an mmd whore as she is, I still like Alice’s figure. Airin and Sakura also are very splendid as a fourth place.
    (This project looks impressive!) 🙂

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