Cookie Update: Project Rin, Pixiv Dailies, Site Updates

Project Rin: Constructing the Patches

rin teaser

I’ve gotten the parts where Rin’s hair misbehaved all fixed, and now working on the scenes which build up to the main event.

I decided to skip the part where people would be chatting over the screen. But there’s one thing I’m not going to skip over, and it’s the plot of it. There’s been questions about how this goes, how Rin turns into this reluctant performer, considering from what I’ve learned so far, she’s more likely to enjoy doing this.

Now, let’s be honest, we’re here to enjoy the hentai aspect of it =w= so I’m going to go for a more realistic distribution of 80% ecchi fun and 20% plotty stuff for the thinkers to ruminate over. Alternatively I can just leave the interquel parts in youtube, since they can serve as trailers between the sexy acts while getting a good balance of quality and quantity.

Now interestingly, there’s some things I find suprisingly difficult to acquire… a simple mic test and sound check, something a band does before they hop in. A simple loading bar… there’s quite a few things that we take for granted aren’t that easy to find or are too hasslesome.

Sometimes I think we need to get ahold of an artist who can specialize in 2D art, since it can give a kind of uniformity, a kind of uniformity that we all can use.


Pixiv Daily Treats!

Given the time I’m updating my blog, it seems I’ll be moving the Pixiv Updates a day later (as of the time of writing it must be around 6:30am Japan Time, and their Pixiv Update if I enter any Rankings is around 12nn their time, so I’m about 6 hours early. Furthermore I’m awake around 5pm their time so…there’s that too.

>>Click Here for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!<<

Anyway, here’s yesterday’s treat:

airin march1


Small Site Update

Belatedly I’m adding to my site the direct links to two places Tabris666’s blog where he has permission to reupload my videos on FC2 since I can no longer access mine (still no response to FC2) The Voat page created courtesy to Jack Swordfire. Think of it as a small place where we can hang out and discuss random stuffs.


And that’s it before I hit the hay ( ‘w’ )y stay wiggly!

Help the Cookie Fun Channel’s ongoing makeover with it’s hardware when you donate via Patreon! Helping the goal reach greater heights allows me to obtain a stronger machine to stand side by side with the i7 MMD’ers!

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New to this site? Welcome! You can view my previous works via the Mega Uploads page where all the downloadable goodies are. You can also see my full library of animated works in the Video Catalog where I posted stuff in either Youtube ,FC2, or  Trollvids! There’s lots out there waiting for you, go nuts!

Once again, thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay \(^  w ^)/

10 thoughts on “Cookie Update: Project Rin, Pixiv Dailies, Site Updates”

  1. As much as I like happy/promiscuous Rin, I don’t think she’d be at the same level of flirty she is when she teases Aoki. So even though I do worry about this project possibly becoming too ‘dark’ I can understand her looking kind of worried. I don’t think Rin is ever happy when she’s forced into something, which is what this seems like. Kuro forcing Rin into the exhibition?

    Eh, do what you thinks right. It’s not like this is some official KNJ OVA or something. You’ve got creative license, so don’t get too bogged down in explaining it away, imo.

    1. Quote ” It’s not like this is some official KNJ OVA” you are right this is not an ova is a hentai movie or similar it depends on what yagakoro san says.
      But i dont know what you meant by dark because the only reason some otakus follow sites is because they base their chars on the real personalities they have,because in a doujin work like this one you can do the following stuff
      .- You can ignore the story
      .- You can ignore the drawing style
      .- You can ignore the anime and manga.
      .- You can not ignore the real personality
      .- You can not ignore the background details of a character.

      As i said in the post before i explained most of the background details of rin.
      Look at the works of arikime desu on pixiv he is the most renamed artist of Kokonoe Rin why? is simple because he use the background story,personality and lots of details of Rin thats why.
      No offense but if you want something for children go to youtube,if you want dances you have niconico douga and video fc2.

      ~(=w=)~O Keep the good work.

      1. By “dark” I mean “make it too rapey and brutal.” Yagakoro’s Happy School was as heavy as I think I’d like. I liked those videos, and I like a lot of other corruption/forced exhibition MMDs too. I’m just saying that I -hope- it doesn’t go much darker than those, however. It’s just personal preference.
        My main point is that he shouldn’t go through too much time or effort in explaining his reasons for taking whatever path he takes. If he makes it excessively dark I’m not going to demand he tell me why, in detail, it works for Rin’s back story or character. Same if he turns around and makes this a happy experience.
        I like Doujins that keep tones with the original works too(though all this talk about her sleeping with the other male students to bring them in line just makes me laugh), but I equally like people making an alternate universe where they change things up.

        I mean, if we’re going this far I’m pretty sure Kuro wouldn’t egg Rin on in this. She’d castrate all the men who bang her, so much as look at her. I don’t really mind one way or another, I’m here to see Yagakoro’s work that just so happens to use KNJ models.

      2. Without having to go into too much detail and bring up unnecessary heat, let’s just say I considered it dark because i was satirizing some real life social phenomena regarding sexuality.
        (9w9) but if it can’t be seen that way, I guess i did my job right.

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