Cookie News: Wiggly Fun!

80th Pixiv Entry zaps its way in!

Your Winning Entry

Charlie Electric Horse1

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Project Rin: Main Scene Completed

I’m currently fixing the spazzes of her hair. And this is where I put in the countless retakes of some of the shots where they get in the way.  Fortunately there’s not a lot to reshoot but these are the ones that are gif worthy so there’s no getting around it, I have to re-render these as many times as I need to until her hair behaves.

Yeah, I’ll keep reshooting till I get it right.

My Waking Hours have changed.

You may have noticed the time I update my page has changed lately.  Let’s just say as the project went further along I’ve been handing out I.O.U’s to the Sandman and now he’s collecting. Not like I had any stable sleeping schedule to begin with.

Anyway I’ll be keeping this news update short since I’m juggling both a new batch of Pixiv Daily Treats as well as doing high-intensity work with identifying parts in the video where Rin’s hair goes too wild.

Stay Wiggly! ( ‘w’ )y


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