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Your Winning Entry

airin rape1

Thank you so much for the support! m( _ _ )m

>>Click Here for Today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!<<

The Lagarinth, starring David Bowie’s bulge

A foray into Lagarinth Lossless codec worked really well, comparatively. From a 32GB raw AVI file into 8GB. Of course I haven’t tried yet L’s video converter but that’s still a lot of space saved. Of course, the one program that’s reliable enough to shrink it all down to any specified size I want, avidemux, doesn’t play nice with it.

I’ll find a way to wiggle around those constrictions (owo)/

Updated Gang’s Den / Hentai Bar

Gang Den Blank1

Gang Den Blank2

So I decided to cut out the hentai pictures in the Gang Den by editing in a much lighter version.  It now has two sets of pictures which you can edit to whatever you want. So for example, while your girl is dressed the first set can be her clothed and when she takes it all off you can then reveal her nude pics.

I also took out the other “stage”area and the speakers to give more room for the crowds.

Download the updated stage >>here<<

and save it in the same folder as the Gang Den / Hentai Bar. If you don’t have the stage yet, download it >>here<<

And yes, this will be the stage used in Ep.1 of Project Rin.

Project Rin: Progress Report

project rin ep1 1 project rin ep1 2 project rin ep1 3 project rin ep1 4

Well, that’s about 4000 words worth of things to say =w=

~( ‘w’ )~ reporting live from the Cookie Fun News this is your news anchor Squishy Eringe, reminding you to Stay Wiggly and have a great day!

And now a blast from the past…

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5 thoughts on “Cookie Fun News: Wiggly Views ~( ‘w’ )~”

  1. ~(=w=)7 Did happened a time jump.
    Well it look good keep the good job 170k otakus are waiting for rin videos and if is released you will double the fan base just keep that in mind,and well otakus only look for 2 types of mmd mostly is eaither moe or lolicon mmd.
    Keep the good job ~(=w=)~O
    By the way in rin ez dance most of us thought that rin was going to dance in a center stage while all the audience masturbated and showered rin in “attention?” and after that it was the “act” but it was probably our wrong translation or misinterpretation of the info but it was good this is why is still being see and it has being watched 180K times so you are good keep the good work.

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