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Return Home

I’ve been away for two days visiting family, in case you didn’t check my twitter. You should, since I post there more often.

It was pretty refreshing to be outside for a while and watch a few things, like seeing MGSV, it felt really good to see Hideo Kojima’s name plastered into the start of every chapter. XD

So I came home laden with enough cookies, soda, and smokes to sink a ship for a while,

Project Rin: Episode 1 coming closer

As I’ve mentioned previously, Project Rin will be released in multiple episodes, this is to eliminate Cut Content. What am I talking about?

I’ll give a solid example. In the Charlie’s trailer for Happy School, it showed as scene of her in the cafeteria, the same cafeteria with the Lou Ferrigno posters. That scene was not shown in either episode. The reason? Lack of HDD space.

So to avoid problems like that in the future, I’ve decided to release Project Rin in multiple episodes. Yeah I know it doesn’t seem to make sense considering that Happy School itself was a two-episode thing but that originally meant to be a single video that was cut in half for the same reason: HDD space.

Now if only Rin herself could have more “internal space” too. Hurr hurr hurr.

And now for the real update: you know how allergic I am to default music and how I find some parts of a dance too slow or whatnot so I spent some time back then adding or removing stuff from Lamb to suit my tastes, some of it will probably looks awkward or forced, which actually works considering what transpired before.

So far the stuff I made are for Episode 1 and the Climax Episode. So I was working on both ends of the candle so to speak. The Climax Episode’s settings with all the crowds and trimmings and key events have already been rendered for testing (though I had to remove them for space reasons). I loved how the Climax Episode went that I decided to put up a build up to it first and go episodic.

Silly Shit I tried to hide wasn’t so Hidden as I thought


Is it me or the theories in Voat seem to revolve around the easter eggs?  Either way it felt kinda rewarding to see some easter eggs pointed out…huh, so I guess we’re playing a game now?

I remember reading somewhere that when you put hidden content, it usually equates to having some kind of hidden message with it, regardless if it has any meaning at all…but don’t take my word for it, I’m probably just throwing you off

( ‘W’ )y trust me.

…and yeah the date today is kinda awkward to work…

Considering I lived close to that and was still studying when it happened so yeah… Six years later family packed up and flew to //only close friends know where// for reasons not really related to above but because they like sheep, rain, and heather a lot.

But maybe the message I wanna give out for this day is this: Don’t wait for people to get screwed over before you decide to lend out a helping hand.  Family visit was for that very same reason //and somewhat related to this topic as well//, someone needed help real bad, and wow look at them turn all good samaritan, well that helped my pockets too at the very least. Well that’s enough personal stuff today.


Survey: What is your preferred direction for Project Rin?

Without giving out too much spoilers, we shall assume everything that transpired in the Trailer is what sets off the events to follow.

Of course I will pick the direction I want it to go regardless (since all your comments tell me to stay as wiggly as I have always been and I will do that) but I am a curious Eringe (in every way the term means) and I am curious in what you either think how it’ll turn out for Project Rin’s plot. Don’t worry, your votes won’t change how it’ll turn out, I just wanna hear how you prefer it goes, and/or what you think would happen.

Will it end with an ahegao Rin who can’t live without being surrounded by horny hordes? Or an outwardly defiant Rin starting to like her new life? Or an out-of-control Rin who breaks out not for revenge but simply because she wants Kuro to know how great it feels and she should try it too? Or was it all the effects of mushroom soup made with real mushrooms?

Let me know your speculations here or in Voat,in the meantime here’s a related music video to ponder on.

…and that also concludes today’s Cookie Fun News. I’m your news anchor Wiggly Spaghetti, and up next is a big spaghetti treat for one of our Cookie Fun Fans! Stay tuned for more pasta goodness tonight as it wiggles its way to you….later at 11.

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Once again, thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay \(^  w ^)/

5 thoughts on “Cookie Fun News”

  1. I knew we lost out on more Lou Ferrigno. I can’t live, now.

    A revenge plot makes it sound a bit too grim imo, so I hope it’s not that. Happy School was about as dark as I like your videos personally. But I prefer happy and willing to troubled and vengeful. The tone of the medley video was right on for Kokonoe Rin, I think, her just being outgoing. But the trailer for Project Rin seems to have other things in mind. It’ll still turn out great regardless of the path I’m sure, but happy and playful Rin is best Rin!

    I still haven’t played MGSV. Movement feels bad on a keyboard, I don’t like using my 360 controller for it either. Maybe I should just invest in a PS4 Dualshock 4 controller for PC gaming.

  2. 輪姦が終わった後もRINは日常的に脅迫され、嫌がりながらもレイプされ絶頂させられる日常を送る


    1. はい、HAPPY SCHOOLとは違ってエンディングは妄想オチではありません、心配しないでください。エンディングは、現実的なものになります。
      \(^w ^)/

      Yes, do not worry, unlike HAPPY SCHOOL the ending will not be a delusion punch line. The Ending will be a realistic one.
      \(^w ^)/

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