60th Time in the Pixiv Rankings…and lots of news!

Your Winning Entry

karen bj2

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Karen’ blowjob lesson seems to be the most liked scene in happy school…at least that’s the one I get the most comments about, stuff like they love how it’s a great build up knowing that Len’s going to cum in her mouth and she has to swallow it to “I was expecting Rin to get frustrated and do it herself”



And now for another interesting piece of news.  A fan wanted to put together a wiki of the Cookie Fun Channel girls and stuff…  I love the idea, but as the author I think I shouldn’t put any input into it whatsoever, because –you shouldn’t trust the Word of The Source– shouldn’t you? It makes for interesting theory…a Game Theory!!! XD

So here’s the deal, whoever has interest in working together to put up a Cookie Fun Wiki as the knowledge to create one, please let me know.  The fan who suggested this has a skype so if you have that, that would be good to put you guys together and see what you can do together.  Or alternatively, just chat me on Skype, it’s erin_yagakoro777.


L will be reuploading my videos on FC2 and NicoNicoDouga. Which I don’t mind… just have to say, L, NicoNico has a ridiculuously small size, how you can manage that…well, you’re on linux so building a miniature supercollider with that shouldn’t be a problem.

Here’s L’s channel for FC2


and L’s channel for NND


I’ll let you know when the videos come up



I mentioned in my last entry that I wanted to keep a place where we can all hang out. Not everyone has a gmail and not everyone has a skype. Eiri however has suggested an IRC. I wanna look more into that one, I wanna make sure everyone’s somewhere secure and stuff.

So for the more technically inclined folks reading this, what do you think? Is this a good idea? What should we do? Any steps we can take? Do let us know!

EDIT: https://voat.co/v/CookieFunChannel


And that concludes today’s news.

Coming right up, it’s something that’s been killing you slowly and you’ve been using it everyday! What could this lethal everyday object be? We’ll tell you more about it tonight…at 11.

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3 thoughts on “60th Time in the Pixiv Rankings…and lots of news!”

  1. I missed the post about IRC (I skip most of the Pixiv ranking thinking there spam)But IRC seems like a weak Idea have you considered starting your own sub in Reddit/Voat? As for the Wiki page I would love to contribute but have no Idea how to upkeep one.

    1. Well now we have two people going into the Wiki blind, again I feel the Wiki will be a long term goal, where as my initial idea of just a character bio will be the short term.

      Once we get that done, we can use the information to start up the Wiki. A few things the Wiki will have are bio of Eringe.

      A list of videos, someone will have to go through each with a fine tooth comb if we’re going to go into as much detail as possible such as meme’s which may be in them, all that fun trivia stuff.

      This will be a lot of work and I’m fully willing to help, but if it’s just me, it will take forever, and I’m not one to do work that I don’t like. Hopefully people are eager to do this and help out.

      1. i was thinking a wiki and bio would be the same thing, since a wiki is where people would look anyway if they want in-depth information on something. plus the idea of a wiki is that people contribute to it. What I can suggest are bios of the characters. Again as the author I feel I should have no involvement and have the viewers input what they see as opposed to what I say is there…because this is after all, Art. and Art is meant to be viewed in many lenses. I could try hosting one (if that is the proper term) but I withhold putting up any information, maybe just prevent any form of vandalism or something.

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