49th Time into the Pixiv Rankings! >w<

Your Winning Entry


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Happy School it is, because I’m sure everyone wants that Blowjob Lesson of Karen’s.

What’s that? Kokonoe Rin being given that same Lesson? Okies ( ‘w’ )/

With a handstand and twirling an umbrella which has some cubical object rolling on the spokes? well okies…

Please wait warmly! >w<

Now on other news, let’s hear your Opinion on this. Should another Collaboration be in order? Tell me what you think the first two (X-mas and New Years) did well, what they didn’t do well, and what both were missing. Is this Halloween a good time to try again?

Here, let me subliminally influence your decision (9 w9) since I said halloween

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Once again, thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay \(^  w ^)/

2 thoughts on “49th Time into the Pixiv Rankings! >w<”

  1. /(=w=)\ Both collaboration work are good so no complains,now hallowen is a good time for the monster to party specially the succubus,the little red hood and the big bad wolf there are lot of stuff you can make with those 3 together so if you fell like doing something hallowen is a good time.
    Congratulations!! ( ‘ w ‘ )/O

  2. Checking my dvd i found a perfect character for a hallowen themed video,a succubus she is 3 thousand years old main appearance makai senki disgaea but this version was ripped from the game trinity universe,i use this mmd only on minecraft (thanks to custom steve) so i uploaded this model on my google drive here
    Is a very well made model that i have from a year ago but i havent see an MMD video of her so you could be the first one.

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