8th Pixiv Daily Treat!

Here’s yesterdays entry that got into the Pixiv Rankings! \(>w<)/

SummerNightParty 2015 7

And click here today for 8th Pixiv Daily Treat! ( ‘w’ )/

~( ‘w’ )~ thank you so much for the support!

And now for unrelated news:

So…yesterday was PSO2’s worst in-game concert event ever. It’s got to be the laziest thing ever. Picture this, a slideshow and a song…something anyone could have done in 10 seconds. We stood there completely flabbergasted.

To put this in perspective, notice all the featured pics that headed my Pixiv Daily Treats? That was the previous concert event, an interactive Dance Party/Rhythm Game. And before that, a live concert where people can jump up and down to photobomb the camera.

It wasn’t long until a buddy messaged me in-game and said “Times like these we need your Cookie Fun Channel to interrupt this broadcast for some real entertainment.”

So it wasn’t so bad after all…I think I’ve just gotten a new idea. A Cookie Fun Channel Interrupt in a Cookie Fun Channel Show… Cookienception.


And now for another segment I’d like to call super end card tournament “Let’s hear your Views!”

Last remake (“Too Cute”) was pretty much just me replacing the main model with a newer one while keeping everything exactly as it was. Do you think I should start remaking the old ones this way? Or do you think they should be “standardized” like the modern Cookie Fun Channel videos?  Is it a “Lazy Rehash” or a “Revival in 60fps”? I wanna hear your take on it!

That’s it for today, in the next hour or two I’ll probably be getting the message from Pixiv saying it’s now my 37th time in the Pixiv Rankings. Stay Wiggly everyone! ~( ‘w’ )~


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Once again, thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay \(^  w ^)/

3 thoughts on “8th Pixiv Daily Treat!”

  1. Not sure if they already are, but I wouldn’t mind seeing either Arcade Girl Airin or Kokonoe Rin Medley in stunning 60 FPS. Reason I mentioned Arcade Girl Airin is because you maybe getting too many requests for Rin and it’s boring working on one character over and over again. Even if Rin is cute and sexy all at once.

      1. That should be your quote of the day. Well what ever you want to give us, I’m happy with. Cute and sexy it is.

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