Summer Night Party 2015 Gifs at Pixiv!

Yesterday’s Treat:

SummerNightParty 2015 1

Uploaded a new gif to My Pixiv today ~( ‘w’ )~  here it is!

The program is Instagiffer, which may take a bit of a while if your video is long enough, but apart from that is pretty nifty, you can change the frame rate and the image size as well. Tomorrow I’ll try to set up a gallery just like in my previous projects; the Latino Heat Wave,  and the 2014 December Special

If you have a pixiv account, feel free to post a star thingy…or whatever it was that takes me to the Pixiv Daily Rankings!


Stay tuned for more animated releases tomorrow, same bat time, same Cookie fun channel!

You can treat yourself to a more intense Cookie Fun Channel when you donate via Patreon! Helping the goal reach greater heights allows me to obtain a stronger machine to stand side by side with the i7 MMD’ers!

(^ w ^)/ Patreon is safe and secure, and you alone control how much goes into the funding for the Cookie Machine Mk.III!

New to this site? Welcome! You can view my previous works via the Mega Uploads page where all the downloadable goodies are. You can also see my full library of animated works in the Video Catalog where I posted stuff in either Youtube ,FC2, or  Trollvids! There’s lots out there waiting for you, go nuts!

Once again, thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay \(^  w ^)/

( ' w ' )/O cookie if you comment

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