Too Cute 2015 Out now on Trollvids

The 2015 remake of Airin’s Too Cute can now be watched online in my Trollvids account! ( ‘w’ )/

( ‘w’ )/ Trollvids Version!

Progress for Kokonoe Rin’s upcoming project is coming smoothly. I know a lot of commenters were putting together “Iron Loli” and “Kokonoe Rin” into their favorites but… how to put those two together…either I need a shetland pony, or a futa Rainbow Dash or something else as scandalous but not ridiculuously large.

( ‘w’ )y either way, i’ll leave the speculations to you. Please wait warmly!

4 thoughts on “Too Cute 2015 Out now on Trollvids”

  1. This was a good idea for a remake, however I did not enjoy it very much. Everything moved so fast, and the constant zooming in and out gave me a headache. I don’t want to sound like a jerk, this is just my opinion. I enjoy your stuff very much, I just think that your videos sometimes move too fast to be able to see what’s going on. This one’s the fastest one. I’m still looking forward to your stuff though. Thank you.

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