Let’s hear your review! What’s your best and worst video of CFC?

Interesting information is interesting, and I’m interested in hearing what’s the stuff you want to see and what was kind of “that didn’t work out right in my book”

Yes I know! I should stick to my “You Do You” but continuing on any path without any good information will still be blind nonetheless. Plus, I’m curious as usual (pun intended)

So let’s hear it!

1.) What was your favorite Cookiefun Channel Video? And why does it do better than my other ones?

2.) What was least liked video in your opinion, why so?

3.) Which video do you think should have more spin-offs?

4.) Which character do you want to see more of?

5.) Who do you want to see make a cameo of?

6.) Who’s your top five ecchi mmd’ers?

7.) do you prefer more ecchi, more youtube ecchi, or more straight-on hentai?

And that’s that! Thank you for taking your time to answer this questionnaire, looking forward to hearing your answers, and as always, Stay Wiggly! ~( ‘w’ )~

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35 thoughts on “Let’s hear your review! What’s your best and worst video of CFC?”

  1. 1.) The Rin ones, mostly because I love Rin. The small character bio on top of the screen was funny too, I like those. Airin’s iron loli comes close second though.

    2.) If I really had to choose, I’d say the ritual one (can’t remember the title). Not that it was bad or anything, it was just meh.

    3.) The Rin ones 😉 She needs that iron loli contest.

    4.) Take a wild guess.

    5.) Either Shimakaze, Doronjo of Venera.

    6.) I don’t have that many. Good ecchi MMDs are rare (but the good ones are damn good)

    7.) Gool ol’ hentai as a logical conclusion to ecchi dances.

      1. Yes, that one. I like Touhou characters though.
        (Also, wanted to add that your characterization of Rin was spot on, right in the lewds)

  2. 1. Iron Loli Challenge. Because it’s the lewdest video you’ve made and I like that kinda thing.

    2. The Touhou Metal one. Just didn’t quite feel like a CFC video.

    3. Well… Iron Loli.

    4. I do miss flat Airin.

    5. Can’t think of anyone in particular.

    6. In no particular order: Tsundere Hakushaku, you, Meet, Kagura (imas)… Going to put besony for my 5th. He’s new but his first video was incredible.

    7. The pervier the better :d

  3. 1.) What was your favorite Cookiefun Channel Video? And why does it do better than my other ones?
    Walking With You and Kokonoe Rin: EZ Dance Edition for small boobs and exhibitionism.

    2.) What was least liked video in your opinion, why so?
    Masked Narcissist Feels like a joke that went way over my head.

    3.) Which video do you think should have more spin-offs?
    Kokonoe Rin: EZ Dance Edition The bar at the top would make for a great mini-series check this guy out on Pixiv he has lots of possible ideas.
    *NSFW* http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=38101237 *NSFW*

    4.) Which character do you want to see more of?
    Old flat Airin the new big-boobed Airin is kind of meh to me.

    5.) Who do you want to see make a cameo of?
    Rin’s friends Kuro and Mimi

    6.) Who’s your top five ecchi mmd’ers?
    1.)you (no contest)

    7.) do you prefer more ecchi, more youtube ecchi, or more straight-on hentai?

    1. Time for me to watch Yoyo and Xion since I haven’t heard of them yet. As for the pixiv artist, wow, I didn’t know he follows me! Thanks you for the input! (^ w ^)/ I now gots some inspirations to work on!

  4. 1.) MOST – If I could /only/ pick one title at the risk of dismissing all others, it’d be Loli Mikus Get Up & Move! an oldie of yours, but a trio of Miku models was a super treat and is what made me want to stay updated with your releases. 3>1, and each the minor variance between each is a pleasant mix of same+different, and great cameras in that video.

    2.) LEAST – I am going to be picking an odd one here, but I’ll explain… The newest one: Summer Night Party 2015. Now, there are surely videos I like less, but the newness of this release did not meet my hopes of a new release. The level of effort, quality, story, and sheer length is astounding, but for my taste, it is a mixture of animations being too rapid and Aisha Airin was overly center-staged over the course of the video (yes, she is great… but I do not recall a previous video having so many minutes of dancing of just one character). No cruelness intended, just personal feedback.

    3.) SpinOff: I think I miss IronLoli the most, but things like GirlsNightOut, DanceShowdown, and MagicalArcadeJoystick were fun storylines to watch.

    4.) Character: so many choices, but like I mentioned in #1, LoliMiku

    5.) Cameo: I don’t expect to ever see KonkoFoxChan in any of your vids, so how about bringing KagamineRin out from the background/supporting roles she usually gets?

    6.) Top5: No particular order today –
    Yourself, SpiralVortex (aka Vortex00), Mithraug, みっくみく (fc2 mid=51990782), and REO (honorable mention to Zantramidus)

    7.) I always want more hentai, but well done ecchi is still a delight.

    1. oh, Loli Miku, we can never have enough of Loli Miku of course~ she’s so adorable and has so many costumes to work with. Konko’s a little…too small for me, but that’s just me. Also, thanks for the feedback! ( ‘w’ )/ it looks like you’re not alone in wanting an Iron Loli 2

  5. 1.) Absolute favorite is still gotta be the Dance battle between Airin and Alice. Just the slight sensuality and them actually going through the motions of taking the clothes off.

    2.) Happy School, mostly because it was more “rough”. I don’t get down with the whole forced thing.

    3.) Dance Showdown. Would love to see more characters go through it (perhaps even the new loli 😉 )

    4.) The iM@S girls, but that’s simply because they’re favorites.

    5.) Dunno.

    6.) XION has awesome style, dea has good animation idea (I wish he would release more uncensored version though, ManiMani, REO on fc2, and these are not necessarily in that order, I tend to like people who do original animations, or use less blocky IM@S characters xD

    7.) ehhhh, somewhere between ecchi and hentai. both are good in good doses. not too much of either :p

    1. True dat with Happy School, I myself got a little annoyed when it reminded of a certain backward trend among people today when it comes to rape victims. Also, thank you so much for the input!
      I really do love the Im@s Girls, so long as I’m careful with the camera, the side view if their face leaves a lot to be desired XD but apart from that, they’re so cute and are always in my to-watch list when it comes to mmd hentai

  6. 1.) What was your favorite Cookiefun Channel Video? And why does it do better than my other ones?

    Gonna go with Kokonoe Rin Medley because in that you have a pure nude Kokonoe Rin just having fun during a few parts. I like the work you do but sometimes to much bling on the girl deters me…well it XD Gonna say the Iron Loli Contest is a close second and I wouldn’t mind seeing Kokonoe Rin in that too as others have suggested.

    2.) What was least liked video in your opinion, why so?

    Masked Narcissist; Nudity and Dancing goes a long ways but with this the dancing looked clunky and it didn’t make me feel anything honestly. Gotta be more suggestive.

    3.) Which video do you think should have more spin-offs?

    I agree with others, but as JackS mentioned in your Kokonoe Rin: EZ Dance Edition you had a top bar, maybe make a few of those the spin offs, have her doing it with 5 other guys, have her try that 20.2 cm insertion, have t all in one make a long video of it. Lot of work on your end but us fans would love it. I know when I get the time I will be donating more because your work in incredible. Also I had recently watch that video so I had the exact numbers memorized, I tried getting a good mental image too. Sorry if I come off too pervy.

    4.) Which character do you want to see more of?

    I’m not all to familiar with your characters besides Rin and I already knew about her, just never watched the anime all the way though. So her for one and a few others like Card Captor Sakura, but if I could suggest a new character. Hina from Ro-Kyu-Bu or any of those loli’s but for me mainly Hina.

    5.) Who do you want to see make a cameo of?

    I’d go with Iori Minase, in all of the above. She is 15 and still has a small body so still a Loli in all aspects.

    6.) Who’s your top five ecchi mmd’ers?

    Well not really ecchi but this guy does have an account and 50 some videos on FC2. つんでれ伯爵 He sticks to Touhou characters Loli and not, and I love his work as much as I do yours. I don’t know many others so I’ll leave it at him.

    7.) do you prefer more ecchi, more youtube ecchi, or more straight-on hentai?

    Hentai all the way, but if you make some like you did with the Kokonoe Rin Medley where you have them slowly take off their close, I’d also would love that. Sorry if I’m answering this as a reply for your consideration, not sure if this is what you were looking for.

    Lastly, off topic but maybe post this on your Patreon page as well. I came here seeing if anything was new and found this question air, now I wouldn’t have seen it if I had stuck to looking at your Patreon page.

    Anyway good luck in your videos. I look forward to watching them.

    1. Sorry about that, how that post slipped by my routine of posting it to patreon just escapes me. But I’m posting it now.
      Incidentally about the top bar, I actually had to do some conversion via google since I’m more of a feets and inches person (i’m just old fashioned i guess XD) and japan uses metric. So, were those numbers realistic? We’ll never know, but i’ll make it happen!
      (> wo)b thank you so much for your information!

  7. This are my answers
    1.- The Kokonoe Rin Videos are my favorites.
    2.- No comments, they are regular standard so no complains
    3.- More videos of rin.
    4.- The character i want to see more is Kokonoe Rin.
    5.- A kameo of Aki sensei in Rin videos.
    6.- i like most of the videos so i dont have a favorite.
    7.- I go for hentai because is better,echi is just for 15 years kids and watched for 15 years old kids,a lot of my neighbors have seen the videos you made of kokonoe rin they said they are their favorites and stuff and expecting more ecchi videos as they called so i prefer hentai,in fact i only got to this page after asking to my neighbor the web so if you make hentai you could get more support.
    If you need inspiration to make more videos just check this http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=434769 he is the more popular artist when it comes to Kokonoe Rin in fact most of his works are from rin so you can get more ideas checking his works his name is Arikime Desu
    Thanks to him im getting ideas to make an RPG maker game of rin.
    ( ‘ w ‘ )

  8. By the way the measures on the rin video are kinda wrong
    Bust 58 cm
    Waist 50 cm
    Hip 70 cm
    Height 136 cms
    Weight 28 kg
    Age 8 yo beggining and 9 yo in Ni Gakki
    I have the special info that came on the special edition BD

    1. \(o Ao)/ oh yes! thank you for the information! I’ve been looking for her stats for the longest time. I was just guessing the numbers by looking up a random h-game with a loli using her stats instead

  9. When this all started out there where two kinds of videos. Cute girls dancing simi and all nude or stripping. And girls dancing or having sex with dildos coming out their holes with lots of juice running out of them. I prefer the first myself with No dildoes or juice. Yea, i could just be ME, But i feel that every video you make now is the latter. Just sex, dildos and juice running all over. You should consider making a few cute ones again. PS your very good at making videos. I could not fathom what it takes to include all that stuff going on in the background and extra people. Keep it up (literally)

      1. Yes . thank you 🙂 I hope to see more like this and also with Kokone Rin 🙂 Please add this kind from time to time.

  10. 1.) What was your favorite Cookiefun Channel Video? And why does it do better than my other ones?

    Basically anything from the Techno Loli series, due to it’s psychedelic nature. To me the Urucubaca Rin video is perfection. No distracting story. Just a single beauty mindlessly spazzing around to psychedelic beats for 8 minutes. She has 100% screen time and the video is chronological without cuts, so I can spend the whole time letting her cuteness and hotness seep into my brain until there is nothing else on my mind. The background characters, light effects and crowd sound effects add much to the immersion and are implemented in a way that doesn’t distract from the main character.
    I don’t want to bash your video editing in newer videos, it’s good that you learned how to do it, but in the Techno Loli videos the chronology adds to the immersion. With the non-linear cuts in newer videos I momentarily lose the immersion while wondering what I missed between cuts.

    The Summer Night Party 2015 video felt a little back to the roots to me, but didn’t reach the level of the old Techno Loli videos. This sounds really weird, since she is the main character, but Airin didn’t have enough screen time and screen space. Horse mask guy is funny and GLaDOS is awesome, but they are background characters and shouldn’t get their exclusive screen time. Panorama shots are nice to have at the beginning to establish the event location in the viewer’s mind, but in the middle of the video they distract from Airin too much. Think about where fans would look if their favorite idol jumps around naked on stage at a live event.

    TL;DR: In your old videos you didn’t follow classic film making conventions, but you established your own rules, which made them special. The ones I noticed:
    1. The main character has 100% screen time and is the center of everything that’s happening on screen.
    2. The main character uses the most screen space, mostly full body shots, spiced up with some short close-ups.
    3. No non-linear cuts are used, only camera switching. The camera switching keeps a steady pace that doesn’t get annoying.

    2.) What was least liked video in your opinion, why so?

    Overall it was probably that metal video that I only watched once. Lighthearted lewdness just works better than the dark stuff.

    In terms of music the Airin vs Alice Dance Battle with that super boring Puyopuyo remix that effectively prevented me from getting excited about the video, which otherwise was a nice concept.
    And I can’t listen to Massara Blue Jeans anymore, although I like the video where Airin dances to it, since it was the first uncensored video I saw from you.

    3.) Which video do you think should have more spin-offs?

    See point 1.

    4.) Which character do you want to see more of?

    I’m happy with the recent character selection. I know it’s only a matter of time until we get to see Akane in action so I guess I wouldn’t need to add her to this list. Your character selection worked fine for me so far. Don’t listen to all the boob haters too much. Variation in sizes is good, but I like big boobed Airin. Please don’t stop using her. Her old hair style is still the best, but I started to like her new one as well.

    5.) Who do you want to see make a cameo of?

    With the new video idea that you told me about a few days ago, CA might work well.

    6.) Who’s your top five ecchi mmd’ers?

    I don’t really have a ranking for them. If I had one, you would be very satisfied with your position though.

    7.) do you prefer more ecchi, more youtube ecchi, or more straight-on hentai?

    Considering that the Urucubaca Rin video I mentioned in point 1 is a youtube release I don’t mind getting more on that level. Versions with more nudity are always welcome though, and I’m always excited for some of the good old in-n-out. My suggestion is to not force any type of scene into a video, but to choose the nudity and sex based on what works best with the video.

    1. \(^ w ^)/ thank you so much for the input! that’s a very interesting thing take, about how i didn’t follow the rules of cinema. actually, that makes me want to read about it more. somehow i started out with just how to make movies and now i’m perusing material about the “Academics” and “Theory” of cinema. XD what an interesting turn of events

    2. …oh and, speaking of massara, yeah that’s pretty much the very reason i don’t use the default songs, i’ve heard them too many times already, plus, it kinda forces me to be a little more creative in presenting the movie since the beat has now become different.

  11. OK, here we go:
    1. Kokonoe Rin Medley. First off, I love Rin. The idea of a sexy concert in front of thousands of people is also something I love.

    2. The newest one: Too Cute Remake. Because it moved around so fast I didn’t get to see what was happening. The animation was great though. Just way too hectic for me.

    3. I really enjoyed the Techno Loli series, I would love more of that, or something similar like the recent Summer Night Party 2015.

    4. Going to go with Rin here.

    5. Oh, this one’s a tough one. How about Hestia from the recent Is It Wrong to Pick up girls in a dungeon anime? It’s like she’s MADE for ecchi dancing.

    6. I am HORRIBLE with names. Honestly, I think you’re the only one I know by name. I’d love to know others that do works as good as yours.

    7. I prefer ecchi. Naked dances in front of huge crowds. I also love it when the dancer is barefoot.

    I enjoy your stuff a lot. Thanks for making awesome videos.

  12. To more accurately answer your number 6 question about favorite MMDers, I have found 5 that I do love. Most of whom are on FC2 one whom is on NicoNico video as far as I can tell. I’m going to go in a bit of detail when talking about each, saying what I like about their work.
    Also I won’t have you on the list since I figure you’re looking for some fresh ideas so saying you is just pointing you in the wrong direction.

    1. つんでれ伯爵: I have already suggested this guy and he’s from FC2. He’s done a majority of loli’s from Touhou, each video making 2 versions of, one is a regular one, the other is a bit more extreme in that there are erect nipples and elongated clitoris. His videos almost always includes squirting and in the extreme ones even prolapses. And in the end, the girl/loli always gets banged. He does some pretty detail work when it comes to the girl’s nether regions.

    2. XION: Another one I have already suggested and again from FC2 He has four videos all involving IdolM@ster girls. They’re all in a trance of sorts and hearts appear in their eyes, but when this isn’t happening they are normal and have an expression of not wanting to do what they are doing including tears and what not. He has them have piercings such as your video sometimes has and erect clitoris with a piercing there too. They don’t do anything big, just dance around and there action falls in line with the music like in his latest video. I think he also has a NicoNico account with a censored version of his work but the uncensored version is way better.

    3. mm3077: This person I found a few nights back such as I did with XION on FC2. He doesn’t have many videos again but what he does have are masterpieces which includes rapid moment and trying to be synced with the music that’s playing. The persons’ 2 videos include golden showers and lactation as well as insertions and nipple slips at least with the latest video as well as squirting.

    If you’re seeing a comment theme between these mmd’s I am picking out, I’m into that stuff XD.

    4. なす子様: The last person from FC2 he does IdolM@ster as well, at least with the majority and his past few videos are what I like even if he does have the models having super large boobs that clip though practically everything. What I like about them is he has the model going up an down on a dildo–rapidly in some cases–to the point of a golden shower, but his animation for that is poor, non the less, I like his work.

    5. 神楽鉦介 : This person is from NicoNico video and has 32 videos uploaded. It’s not his most recent ones that I like but the earlier ones with the IdolM@ster girls. Mainly it’s ecchi…well all ecchi considering it’s on NicoNico but what I like is in some of them the nipples getting erect half way though beneath the bikini most of the girls are wearing.

    So that’s it, there are others like that of number 5 in my list but I hope this helps in getting your creative juices flowing and bring us more awesome videos as well. It’s always good to try and improve.

  13. I’ve always liked the techno loli videos to begin with, especially the ones with Sakura. The Latino Heatwave video was my most recent favorite because it had multiple mmd models and multiple songs. Do make more videos similar to Latino Heatwave. I also prefer much more hentai in your videos.

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