Progress Report, Thoughts and June 15th

I’ve been keeping much of Akane’s progress under wraps since… Spoilers. I think Happy School’s trailers have pretty much shown all the scenes in the show. And yes, I know, the idea of a trailer is to show things that would generate interest… like the troll scene with the pig that never happened because…Airin was imagining the whole thing the whole time.

So this does pose an interesting question, how much can you tease people with without ruining the surprise?  I remember a B-rated flick where at the end of trailer it showed the antagonist monster being blown up with a rocket launcher…and guess what? That was final scene of the movie after all.

What the title was, I can’t remember, but it involved a giant mutant spider and Apollo 18 or something, or was it 19?  Ah speaking of which, didn’t a “found footage” film about the moon and alien bugs do the same thing by showing one of them crawling in the guy’s face? It pretty much ruined the interest for me since I now know what to expect. If they just kept the bugs hidden and just shown only the astronaut’s reactions (like the jumpscare scene with the dead cosmonaut) then it would have gotten people’s imaginations running from random theories like Lunar Bigfeet and Moon Zombies, but clearly showing a bug running across someone’s face tells you what this movie’s antagonist is going to be.

So I’m pretty much in a bind on what to show and what not to show. Maybe the best thing is to keep things in wraps? You see, showing Akane’s sexy outfit in a way gives you an expectation of what you’re already seeing. If you only saw Akane’s school swimsuit first,  then imagine what kind of surprise you have when later you find her wearing even less later on in the video?

Of course there is the statement of “well duh, how could we be surprised? This is going to be hentai so we’re going to see her naked anyway and you already showed the source body” And that is true (should I have put a spoiler warning there?) but there’s also that excitement that comes from seeing her disrobe.

Let’s not forget in the past few months there was the rage all about stripping, and a lot of people going “I prefer it when the girls take off their clothes first instead of just –BOOM– barges into the scene in their birthday suit” Airin vs. Alice and the Kokonoe Rin Medley continue to be faves out of the downloaded videos simply because of that added tease even when we’ve already seen every nook and cranny of them in previous works.

The other cause of the delay is some hardware glitches in the computer, it’s old as hell and has survived one too many lightning strikes (…because SUMMER, that’s why…fuck the April Showers!).  Just to clear up, this is still the same old computer with some minor parts replacements, obtained second-hand. While some have volunteered to chip in with either newer parts or a newer pc altogether.

“But Erin whatever happened to the octocore beast?” Ahem, I think there’s been a slight misunderstanding here. This came from a Intel vs. AMD debate and AMD’s pretty much presented itself as just as good for a lesser price. Of course, that price is still out of my budget but was a good thing to consider in the future.

I do have the problem identified; the motherboard is currently being a drama queen on me. First of all, it’s not the PSU because I’ve been using the same wattage since 2006. Second, I’m stuck to using an ethernet adapter because the slot for the LAN cable doesn’t seem to work. Finally, some hard drives pull a vanishing trick on me. What do all of these mysteriously malfunctioning parts have in common? They’re all connected to the motherboard.  So basically there are some crashes here and there while working on MMD that really ruin the day (ergo, why someone told me to why not take a short break)

So, this 15th of June, halfway of the year to be exact, I’m going to be a year older, and wigglier (obligatory smiley here ~( ‘w’ )~ ) so I’ll be taking a short trip away and will be back in a couple of days.  Yeah, birthday is June 15 in case you didn’t get it.  Normally once you’ve grown past a certain date, you tend to see it as just another day though for once in my adult life, there’s one present I could really wish to have =w=

Anyway, time to prepare for my short trip. ( ‘w’ )/ I’ll be back!

12 thoughts on “Progress Report, Thoughts and June 15th”

  1. I would say to keep it under wraps, definitely. For me, my personal favorite of yours to date is the Arcade Girl Airin vid. I get what you mean about disrobing adding to the allure more so than just someone showing up nude, however I think there’s more to it than just that: It’s about that element of unexpectedness. In the vid I like she starts out totally nude, followed by the additions of some of your trademark…*clears throat* clothing…? But what really does it for me is how Airin was pretty much taken control of by Len. I certainly hadn’t expected that — and neither did he, when GLaDOS suggested it. In my mind, at least, they both enjoyed themselves tremendously and I imagine as far as the realm of fantasy can push things that that couple’s relationship had been deepened by the experience. I do love a happy ending, after all. 😉

    You might want to verify that your power supply is still furnishing the same amount of juice that it used to. Being 10 years old it might be wearing out, and that is a very common reason for your drives disappearing much more so than any real issues with your mobo. As other devices pull juice from the PSU, such as your video card during rendering operations, it will often route the power completely to it, causing drives and other devices to go away in the manner that you describe. That’d be where I’d look first, even if very little has changed on your PC since then….

    Happy Birthday in advance! 🙂

    1. Yeah, keeping things minial in terms of teasers seems to be a better idea, it’s not like everyone else regularly hosts a preview of their upcoming videos either. Regarding your favorite video, a controlled Airin is still something I love to work with for future projects, such as Rin borrowing Len’s Vita so she could have fun with it or blackmailing Airin to comply.

      Regarding the PSU, that’s actually something I didn’t take into consideration, thanks for the advice! I considered the mobo as the possible culprit since it runs all the circuits and stuff, as opposed to multiple parts magically zonking out on me ( ‘w’ )/

      m( _ _ )m also thank you so much for greeting me in advance.

  2. happy birthday and have a safe trip. 2006 is pretty old it might be just hardware failing from age. various particles that get inside the case, dust build up, years of heat, etc. especially a psu since it is difficult to blow it out/ dust the inside without opening it up.

  3. Oh, I didn’t know about your birthday. Happy birthday in advance! I guess teasing the video without showing too much is more fun. For the observant there were already some clues in Akane’s picture gallery.

  4. Happy birthday, Yagakoro-sama.

    Videos are definitely better with undressing. Those that start nude or undress instantly are boring unless there is something else. Like copulation, masturbation, etc. Or dripping. Dripping improves any video by an order of magnitude. And squirting. Please do more of these :3

    Your best videos definitely show this. They have very good undressing and also dripping. There are not many videos that have so much goodness. And you make such great scenery, so yours are definitely among the best videos overall.

    AMD is only cheaper until you consider electricity. People forget to tell you it will use twice as much power to do the same amount of work. Not a problem for some but I suspect they all have their room air conditioned and that they are not the one paying the bills (in that case it would only be ‘cheaper’ for a couple of months). Search the web for some performance-per-watt CPU charts.

    1. Thank you Jan! (^ w^)/ yes it’s true AMD is quite a drain on electricity, though it can also serve as an impromptu heater during the colder seasons, or as an oven for baking cookies XD kidding aside, my point was to say it apparently performs just as good as it’s intel counterpart, of course it’s not like I have any first-hand means to prove it.
      Speaking of sex and masturbation, that’s something definitely in the project. Suffice to say that I’ve already found a way to satisfy –all– requests for this upcoming project including certain “elements” that were previously nerfed, I just need time to get things done while wrangling with my misbehaving hardware, hopefully by july i should have all kinks sorted out so i can focus on The One Kink everyone wants to see~

  5. I sure would like it if you would make some ore “Cute” nude dances without all the squishy sex. I am sure many like both, but that is my preference and you have gone way away from that. Consider it?

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