Short Story: “Take a break already!”

…So a friend told me to “take a break, this project is killing you and that’s all you’ve doing. these past few weeks.”

And I replied “I can’t, it’s so absorbing and Akane’s just so cute to look at.”

“Well yeah” he mused for a while, ogling at her character sheet (sort of) “but you know every artist recommends spending some time away from the desk in order to get a fresh mind on things. Do something different for a while, play a game…I know, play PSO2 or Minecraft or something. You just might get a new set of costume ideas.”


“Speaking of costumes, I already got the alternate Rifrana Biscana from the old PSO as well as the Yukihime weapon Camo from the Shining Force series.” I said absentmindedly

“How much time did you spend farming for that? Those collab things cost millions!”

“…that’s why I play PSO2 sparingly and not when I’m in a workaholic phase. Besides… haven’t you seen the latest Emergency Quest missions? Magatsu’s popping out like pancakes almost everyday, and I’m a sucker for those AIS missions. Much worse, Mining Base Defense: Despair might pop up… that game’s a blackhole, it might take me a few days to wean myself off of it.”


“But hey you’ll get some good ideas off of those, right?”

“I sure might! Haven’t you heard someone parodied the Ep.2 Intro of PSO2 using the Kancolle girls?”

“Look, don’t even go there, and that’s not helping… you should take a walk or something to clear your head.”

“Alright I say.” anything to shut him up.

A few days later…

misty fake manga1

incidentally, don’t ask where I got the speech balloons from…you will be severely injured psychologically for the rest of your life.

“WTF IS THIS!?” he demanded.

“Just something I photoshopped for fun while taking a break, just as you suggested.” I replied.

“You’re supposed to take a break! Not do the same stuff on 2D!”

v(9 w 9)v What can I say? I’m having fun doing stuff.

3 thoughts on “Short Story: “Take a break already!””

  1. Doc, you are one dirtee girl, lol. Love your art – you create some badass little lolis! I bet you’re quite the hottie yourself. I got some ideas of what you could do on your break and I wouldn’t bother to ask. Consider it inspiration for your upcoming works. šŸ™‚

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