Progress Update: Perfecting the characters


Just a few moments ago, I released quite a few sneak pictures in my pixiv, special thanks to Takuya for helping me out with some special effects for Akane, that’s the name of our new loli btw.

It’s nothing you haven’t already seen before, considering how some may have seen them already in some places I posted them in previously, furthermore, I don’t want to spoil the project yet on what it’s about.

Yes, I’ve been talking about gameplay parodies and metal gear parodies and stuffs, and some may have even heard hentai action games being mentioned, like this for example…

Speaking of the stealth genre… I also did mention making it like Assassin’s creed and…

…well I guess that’s a good sign for my project.

I seem to have taken for granted how much work was already put into Airin to the extent that I was able to easily mod her into a new costume in a couple of hours of work, Akane on the other hand, had in a way… needed to be done from scratch, in a manner of speaking, since she lacked the modularity Airin’s years of existence had.

But still she is pretty fun to work with.

While december’s MMO Parody project lampooned certain things I experienced when playing those games, I felt it didn’t feel like a fake gameplay vid enough. This time I’ll be changing that and making it look as legit as a gameplay vid as I could.

To do this, certain extra bones will need to be fabricated. Followed by adjusting certain motions. I realize in hindsight it might make some motions looks a little choppy and unnatural, but strangely enough, nobody complains about those when they’re playing.

Anyway, time to get to back to work for me. ( ‘w’ )/ I want this done and I want it looking perfect. just remember to stay on my twitter to catch up on any microupdates, and it’s a lot easier there that way.

Stay wiggly! ~( ‘w’ )~


the usual italicized text goes here as some kind of footer… something about a Patreon Page to fund stronger hardware to speed up the process and other stuff or just if you want to show your support… or something like that.

and then a second paragraph talking about my Mega Download Archive where  you can watch movies which have a separate Catalog that you can peruse? I don’t know. and then something about staying wiggly and thanking you for visiting.

~( ‘w’ )~   and this weird smiley with the wiggly arms


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