Stage DL: The Gang’s Den


note: Lou Ferrigno poster not included

While working on Akane, I belatedly noticed that I haven’t given out the stage used in the Happy School videos.

I thought I should share it.

Anyway all I did was put things together and stuff, the usual disclaimer shizz. Props go to all the artists who actually made the stuff in there, like the artwork and the models. (Now you know who my favorites are…or at least what genres I like)

Now, this stage is heavy (mind you I’m not a 3d designer, I just pick up things and learn as I go) so you’ve been warned, and is probably the reason why in the end I did not use it extensively in my Happy School duology.

Your PC will need to be able to read japanese text in order to render some texture properly.

Needless to say… this stage is NFSW to the core… =w=


custom stage 1

custom stage 2


As I have already delineated how chaotic I work, don’t expect everything to be labelled neatly and orderly, so if you’re going to customize this, you’re going to need to get your hands dirty, open up the pmx file and look them up one-by-one.

The bed and trays can be moved away from the stage, and to some degree the stage light fixtures may (or may not) respond to Autoluminous effects, so you will need to the tweaking manually. Again, it’s how chaotic I work. I’m not really the modular-minded kind who has everything ready for use by the casual user.

Again: don’t credit me, I only put things together.  s( =w= )v

In the future I’ll put up a blank version.  For now, enjoy!

Download in MEGA


^( ‘ w ‘)v and now back to work


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