Project Announcement: Master UP!

So I’ll be up front and give out the good news and the bad news.

The bad news is that all attempts to shrink the project into a single movie didn’t work due to hardware and space limitations, and therefore I have to cut the movie into two parts, so I’ll need a couple of hours re-rendering part1 and then uploading it to FC2.

The good news is that everything I said in my twitter about nerfing some scenes…will now be REDACTED. So everything I wanted to show, will finally get to be shown.

Also, another good news is that personally I find the idea of having to sit through an entire episode of straight hentai and ecchi to be rather visually fatiguing, I mean ask yourself, have you ever watched a porno straight or did you just skip to the sex scenes?

So with that, sorry for the inconvenience, and stay wiggly! It’s coming soon…really soon!

3 thoughts on “Project Announcement: Master UP!”

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