Biker Gang Trailer no.3: Meet Charlie

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The 3rd Trailer (4rth if you count the 420 blazing one in youtube) features Charlie/Shirley. Yes I know it’s hard to tell it’s her with her new haircut, considering back in the day she was basically just a blonde airin clone in cowboy clothes.

Charlie seems to have the most footage (in terms of minutes) I guess it is a subconscious desire to balance things out since she appears less. (To say nothing for Karen)

Maybe in the future I can make a new set of videos for her in a fictional dystopian wild wild west like in Masamune Shirow’s work and find a good southern belle’s voice for her. If you don’t like me using a certain non-human cowgirl’s voice, feel free to suggest me another if you’ve found one.

I kinda noticed that I’ve forgotten to give her freckles in some of the footage. I guess that’s ok, or is it?

April 12 is the release date. Please wait warmly and everyone have a great Easter! For those playing PSO2, I won’t be joining you for the Eggman EQ since I’ll be busy with this project, and probably getting to work on the next one almost immediately since a bunch of great new ideas came up while working.

We’re almost there! >w<

Next: Airin!

airin stills 1

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