Biker’s Den Progress Report

So my current project will be involving all three girls Airin, Karen, and Charlie, I’ve put up a Gallery where you can see the sneak pictures. So far what’s been done is

Custom Mob, Models, and Stages

Karen: H Scene

Charlie H Scene 1 and 2

Airin: H Scene 1, Solo Dance Scene

All 3: Biker Scene 1

Airin and Charlie: Dance Scene 1 and 2

bikerrideImage2charlie bj2

airin and charlie duo 1airin solo2

So all that’s missing now is the other solo dance scenes, Airin and Karen Dance Scene, Karen and Charlie, All 3 Girls, and finally their sex scenes. The scenes so far were hand-crafted since I couldn’t find one that fit my liking (that or I hadn’t gotten all the H motions yet)

As for the theme and music, I’m thinking all that bikes and leather makes me think it should be metal or rock. Maybe something like this, anyway that’s not in my priority right now, it’s in the rendering.

and/or this as well

At any rate, stay wiggly and I’ll be sure to post new updates as they come! ~( ‘w’ )~

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