7th time in the 2015 Pixiv Rankings! \(> W<)/

I was busy working on the new project to notice the message (to say nothing about posting new gifs I got from the previous project), but here’s the transcript as usual:

2015年02月06日 12:34


第11位 http://www.pixiv.net/ranking.php?mode=daily_r18&content=ugoira&date=20150205#11
作品タイトル:【MMD】 アイリンレイヴダンス2 【R-18】


News from pixiv – Index
February 6, 2015 12:34

pixiv is secretariat.
Your work has entered the ranking of 2/5/2015!
Please check all means.

Illustration R-18 Daily Index to move
# 11 http://www.pixiv.net/ranking.php?mode=daily_r18&content=ugoira&date=20150205#11
Title: [MMD] Airin rave dance 2 [R-18]
Work ID: 48563116

Your winning Entry is…Saturday Night Fever

Rave Dance Airin 2

Thank you so much for the votes! \(^ w ^)/


And for now for this upcoming project: I’ll give a hint

Did you know 50 Cent’s 133 Remix of “In Da Club” is just as long as Chingy’s “Holidae Inn?” just sayin’ … it’s going to be a sequel to the collab.

( ‘w’ )/ please wait warmly!

And while you wait, did you know you can help keep the Cookie Fun Channel stable for as low as a dollar a month when you donate via Patreon and keep the winning entries coming! It’s safe, secure, and easy! Give a little love this coming Valentine’s season and you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy inside despite the chilly cold out there.

Get your heart (and other parts) throbbing early by checking out what’s waiting  for you at the Mega Uploads section! Also, remember to check out the Video Catalog for a whole list of goodies out there for you!



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