Distributing the Gifs

Whew! Sure takes awhile to navigate through DeviantArt and Google+, considering they force you to wait until everything is done loading before you can do anything useful. Anyway, my first round of posting stuff there is done. I haven’t joined any groups yet on Pixiv, but I guess it’s doing fine on it’s own.

Interestingly there’s a lot of these groups that say “post freely and show your creative side!” but upon further inspection of the rules there’s a whole ton of things you can’t post…so much for being free, I suggest you need to rework your descriptions. ( o w o)7

At any rate, here’s the 3rd Gif, premiering in my blog (naturally), so uhh…if you know any program I can get that can capture them at maximum quality while minimizing the size… do let me know.

Airin Soccer 3

Needless to say it’s time to make some additions in the Gallery. Got any ideas what scenes I should gif up next? Let me know. Also if you have your own rips and wanna share, please do as well!

Also, as a refresher, here are some useful links, especially if you’re new;

>>Youtube Link to that gif<<

>>FC2 Version (60fps)<<

>>DL (60fps)<<

>>DL (30fps)<<

Enjoy! ( ‘w’ )/

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Thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay! ~( ‘ w ‘ )~





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