Latino Heat 60fps out now on MEGA, and the first 2015 Pixiv Rankings!


As promised, here is the the 60fps version of the January Collaboration, the only real difference besides the higher quality is the lack of the intro video as that one is 30fps.

This time you can say the size is now justified due to the length.

I’ll be taking a few days off to unwind for a while, but i’ll be releasing gifs in my Pixiv everyday taken from the video.

Here’s one right now!

Airin Soccer 2

Speaking of which, my first gif of 2015, has just made it to the Pixiv Rankings! \(>w<)/ yay!!!!

You can check out the rest of the Ugoira right here:

Gonna release more of them soon! ( ‘W’ )y

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Thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay! ~( ‘ w ‘ )~


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