FC2 60fps Edition of 2015 January Collab Out Now!

Watch it here:


Download the First Version of the video here!

Click here for the Youtube Edition!

This will also be the video up for download once it’s done. The only difference between the two (besides the higher frame rate) is that it lacks Sanae’s intro where Remilia makes a troll commercial, since the only version I have is in 30fps (if anyone knows how to rip 60fps off of youtube, let me know)

Also, in other news, Atonranca basically gave me, in a manner of speaking,  a pass to hang out (online) with some JP MMD’ers, maybe who knows…a real East-meets-West Collab one day! Anyway, thank you very much for the encouragement! (^ w ^)/

And finally, I’m now rendering the smaller, Trollvids version, so that means it’s still too early for me to be taking a break; rendering takes too much RAM, while uploading takes too much bandwidth, so I can’t be playing PSO2 right now.


{sourgrapes} Braver is a has-been class anyway {/sourgrapes}


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