2015 January Collaboration: Web Edition out Now in Youtube!

\(O  A O)/ IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!!! in 30fps at least…

Nineteen minutes long…even if you shave off the intro that’s still 16 minutes of material… This is easily the longest work I’ve ever produced with the help of some wonderful friends like Sanaefroggy, Takuya, Vortex00, Holyshiryu, Kirel, Don Deloro, and Jajandulu. Thanks peeps!

For all that hardwork youtube of course has botched the quality again, but don’t worry, I’ll be making two additional releases in MEGA; the Web Edition (for people who like to have all versions) and the Proper 60fps version. The only difference between the two of them (besides the better frame rate) is that Sanae’s intro video won’t be included as it is 30fps (I for some reason cannot extract it as a 60fps video).

My memory’s a little fuzzy at this point, but I recall that it was supposedly possible for a video to have two different FPS, but I haven’t gotten around to testing it yet. Anyway as we speak I’m currently rendering the 60fps video so this will take a while to complete, so the 30fps Web Edition is being loaded to MEGA first and I’ll announce it once it’s completed.  Once those two are done, I’ll upload to FC2 and if it’s possible to make it viewable in Trollvids (i wonder how it would look compressed to 250MB… i’ll call it the pixel edition and use 8-bit music maybe XD)

And finally to reiterate a little piece of trivia. The main footage of Airin dancing around in a bikini made of rainbow strings and jewelry…it predates the Horseplay Club. Yup, consider this the SFW version of the Iron Loli contest where the sex scenes are replaced by cameos of other girls.

But for now, bring out the local brew, make some mexican food and get ready to party! (>w<)/

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Thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay! ~( ‘ w ‘ )~

3 thoughts on “2015 January Collaboration: Web Edition out Now in Youtube!”

  1. The Youtube video quality didn’t seem so bad until actual movement started happening… Way to ruin things, Youtube. I’ll wait for the Mega version to watch the whole thing.

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