2015 Collaboration All-In! Trailer

Got all the intros for the performing girls! Please wait warmly for the final release! While waiting, I was assembling another line of projects.  I am now on the lookout for more non-dance motions, be it sex or action motions.

Finished converting all videos to their uncompressed AVI formats, allowing Vegas to run without any lagging, while it does take up huge space in my PC it allows me to view every frame without any lagging at all.

Please warmly while I assemble everything! ( ‘w’ )/

Here’s the full picture:

2015 Collab poster

Did you know that you can help out the Cookie Fun Channel for as low as a dollar a month when you donate via Patreon? It’s safe, secure, and easy! A little help goes a long way to keeping the works, collab and otherwise, flowing like…Airin’s juices in certain videos~

Want an early Valentine’s Present? Well, there’s more for you waiting at the Mega Uploads section , just remember to clean up the keyboard afterwards. Also, remember to check out the Video Catalog for a whole list of goodies out there for you!

Thank you for visiting, and this 2015, stay wiggly! ~( ‘ w ‘ )~


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